Wednesday, March 07, 2012

An Update On Bunny

Last year, when Bunny was rescued, she was so frightened.  You could hold her - IF you could catch her:

When an adoption call came in for Bunny, I was worried.  Perhaps I soft-peddled her personality a little too much?  The adopter was a single Mom with a 12 year old daughter.  The family was going through a divorce and they really wanted to meet Bunny despite the fact that I was clearly hesitant about letting her be in a home without someone home to really work with her. 

I remember that day so well.  We met at a Petsmart and the sweet mother/daughter duo fell in love with Bunny even though Bunny wasn't very cooperative.  We certainly had friendlier cats that day.  The Mom confided in me that her daughter was having a very difficult time with the divorce and that they needed each other.

Ahh...."Needed each other"....those are important words to me.

Months later, an update came in from the adopter yesterday.  I've edited it for length.  I hope you get goosebumps like I did:

"Bunny (Sweetheart) is doing great. She is so adorable and Amanda and I absolutely love her dearly. Beth you remember when she was a baby how she used to run and hide? Amanda placed a little bell on her collar so we would always know where she was and we purposely did not chase her or scare her so she would become comfortable with us and build up trust...She speaks to us and listens to us. She is so cute and an absolute beauty. She only enjoys cuddling when she is tired but when she does cuddle oh my goodness she purrs up a storm and really snuggles, especially with Amanda.

When it is time to wake up Amanda I will tell Bunny to wake up Amanda and she will run into Amanda’s room and jump on Amanda’s bed and start to play with Amanda’s feet to wake her up. Beth it is hilarious and the funny part is that she will not do this until I tell her it is time to wake up Amanda.

Also in the evening when it is time for bed we will say “bedtime, Sweetheart it is time for sleeping” she will then stop what she is doing and sit and look at us waiting for us to go to our rooms. She will not go into the bedroom until the television is turned off and I start to turn the lights off.

We could not imagine our life without her Beth she has truly become a member of our family. She is truly loved and she loves us and she is coming around slowing but then again I think she has come a long way in just two months.

Thank you Beth and thank you for all your efforts in saving these amazing animals.

This email arrived on a day when I really needed the encouragement. I felt weak and ineffective. I only wish adopters knew how much these kind of stories give back to me all that I've given X 10!   It makes the heartache and trouble worth every moment.  I'm hoping that any rescuer who reads this email gets strength from it and it finds you at a time when you need it the most.


Marg said...

Oh that is such a great email. Those kind of stories are the very best there are. I rescue cats and like so much hearing a story like that.Take care and thanks for helping the animals.

Random Felines said...

that is AWESOME!! I got a little choked up. I currently have shy kittens and I worry so much about them finding homes that will take the time to come out on their own.....what a wonderful follow up!!! I agree - thee emails are the best!

Deb said...

You get these when you most need them, eh Beth. Proof you are doing what you are meant to do. Hugs

Rivi said...

Beth, Happy belated birthday.

This email from Bunny's mom is why you do what you do. Do you have "fun" when you rescue cats, and they act up when potential adopters come? Maybe yes, maybe no.

Do you have fun when you get an email like this? I don't know.
I do know you get joy, happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment and elation when you hear from an adopter like this.
Cat happiness = Beth's happiness.

masterofboots said...

I love such happy endings

Caroline said...

I love feedback from adopters as a foster Mom I always worry about how they are fitting in and I love to hear about their adventures in their new home. I wish all adopters knew how much this means to us.

Josie said...

What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing it :)