Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stupid Day

I think I was due for a really crummy day.  Maybe it was the fog this morning, but even as the fog broke later this afternoon, the fog never really left my head. 

I had FIVE phone calls from the same person this morning.  Each voicemail was increasingly more hostile and aggravated.  She wanted to surrender her cat and she wanted to do so NOW.  Why do people think that I have to jump through hoops for them because they want to dump their cat?

Hope you laugh as hard as I did when I tell you that I received a very long comment on my blog (that was so ridiculous, I won't publish it) that said, "Beth, you are in this for the fame and money"  Seriously.  Somebody thinks I'm doing cat rescue for the "Fame" and the "Money".  Sure.  I laugh all the way to the bank with my large paycheques that the rescue gives me.  (insert sarcastic laugh here)

Fame?  Um...I don't even know what to say here.  I haven't returned Jay Leno's calls in weeks.

For heaven's sake.  What are people thinking? 

I promised I'd bring my camera for today's rescue and promptly forgot it.  I rescued a very handsome 5 year old "fatty" that I would LOVE to name "Chris Farley".  He was being picked on at the shelter because he was so submissive.  He was originally adopted out of this shelter but brought back there 4 years later because some wayward family member had to move back in and he was allergic.  So he lost his home and the stupid-ass family member is back.  Argh.

We also rescued a very cute orange guy.  I took him 4 hours before his "stray time" was up at the shelter.  Wouldn't you know that as we were leaving the parking lot, the owners of the cat were walking in to claim him?  I have to drive back tomorrow to bring the little orange wonder boy back to the shelter since his family wants him.  I guess it's good news for both owner and cat! 

For me?  $300.00 in gasoline spent in 7 days.

Yeah.  I'm in this for the money.  That's right.


Caroline said...

thanks for rescuing Chris Farley, and the orange guy, what are the chances that someone actually showed up to claim their cat, the same as winning the lotto? lol I think you need to put another camera on next year's gift list so ya got one when ya need one or possibly update your phone to one that takes pics. We'll forgive you this time but let's not let that happen again! lol. :)

Chrissykat said...

Oh my...seriously? What was that person thinking you ask? Easy, they weren't. That poor poor person is living in their own little delusional world. Yay for Fatty's rescue day. As frustrating as it is that cases like his happen, I can't help but feel happy for him because I know that you will find him a better home with people who deserve him.

Deb said...

I've been involved in many cat rescues in the last 30 years and NO ONE ever made a dime. It's all from the heart...and that's that.

~*Connie*~ said...

Fame and Money in rescue?? What planet is she on, cause heck, I'd go there for that!! My goodness how can they have such an incredible disconnect with reality but still be with it enough to post?

Angela said...

Beth, if you're referring to my comment below with respect to the irresponsible rescue posting, I never once said that you were in it for the fame and money. If you read it again, you will see that what I actually said was quite the opposite. I said, verbatim, that "Cat rescuers do not do what they do for personal gain, fame, fortune or anything remotely close to that. Most people who rescue animals for adoption and rehabilitation do so out of the kindness of their hearts, and for the sole purpose of defending those who cannot speak up for themselves."

I was not making any insinuation that you were in it for the money or fame, because I am very aware that there is none. I was actually complimenting rescuers in general, which would include you, saying that you were doing something out of the goodness of your heart and for no other reason.

I'm quite taken aback that you thought I was being sarcastic and mocking you.

Rhonda said...

Hey Beth: It's sad that the world has so many jerks in it. As we say in the Yukon: "Illegitibus non carborundum" (or something like that) which means (loosely) "Don't let the bastards grind you down!"

House of the Discarded said...

Angela: No, I wasn't referring to you at all. Your comment was well thought out and mature. :)


Tina said...

Those who are in the trenches with you Beth know you do it because you love them just as we do! And you give up your free time and money for them. I took my two fosters up to Petco Sunday and I have been up there everyday loving on them because I feel so guilty that they are up there in a cage. We know why you do what you do. We get you. And we are so grateful for you. You encourage and inspire me to keep pushing forward! Thank you fellow rescuer and keep up the fantastic work!

T said...

Beth, this is the first time I have been moved to comment. Your post made me laugh out loud, unfortunately with a mouth full of VitaminWater. I can just say, you are soooo famous I would totally recognize you, in disguise, even, at Longo's and for the money, well, if you could just publish a book to let other rescues know how you manage to reap in the gazillions and still pay for eyelid surgeries for baby himilayans, I'm sure it would add to your ever building fortress of funds. Ka-ching!!!