Sunday, February 03, 2013

The Other "F" Word.

We had to say goodbye to another kitten with FIP.  

Saturday must've been a horrible day for "Dustin's" foster Mom.  Nobody should have to hold a kitten while it's put to sleep - certainly not somebody who VOLUNTEERS.  Saturday should be a day  off from work for this foster Mom - a day of cleaning house or shopping.  NOT holding a kitten while it peacefully passes.  Fostering it supposed to be fun, but it isn't always.  This foster Mom can certainly attest to that.

If I never hear the initials F-I-P again, I'll be happy.  The past 6 months have even brutal for all rescues and veterinarians regarding this fatal disease.  I learned more about FIP in 6 months than I have in 20 years of rescuing. 

Strange, but I think  I've only seen 5 cases of FIP in 20 years.  Over the past 6 months, I'm afraid to count how many.  I can't imagine why that's the case.  Now I'm completely jaded and am worried about every kitten who has a pot-belly or seems quiet.  It used to be a pot belly on a kitten indicated worms, a big meal or a kitten that needed to poop. 

We've had SIXTEEN awesome adoptions in TWO DAYS.  I should be rejoicing!   The cats and kittens went into amazing homes and will be loved forever.  But I'm worried and pray that they're OK.  I'm sure they'll be fine.  They've all had vet exams and have been lovingly cared for by our foster parents.  But this stupid disease takes no prisoners and doesn't seem to care who it takes. 

Apparently, they're working on a new drug for FIP.  It can't happen soon enough for  me.


Wednesday said...

I've been a cat owner my entire life and had never heard of FIP until recently. Now it seems like it is increasing in incidence. My friend called me yesterday to let me know his 4 year old cat had just been diagnosed with FIP and will be euthanized Monday. He's obviously devastated. They can't find a cure soon enough!

Deb said...

They have to come up with something to stop FIP. It has taken way too many little lives . I'm sorry to read about the kitten.

Random Felines said...

paws crossed for some way to stop this evil disease....please tell your foster that her love for that baby will not go unrewarded. we rejoice for the adoptions, but we know it is hard to get happy when you are losing kittens and worrying about everyone else.....

~*Connie*~ said...

I so hate that F word.. I had to help my former foster (and oh too recently adopted) kitty to the bridge because of it. My heart goes out to your foster home..

I so hope there is some success with the FIP research going on, and one day we won't have to worry about this any more

Anonymous said...

My kitten Tiger Lily had FIP and I had a tear filled couple of weeks becoming resigned that there really was nothing more to do for her but end her suffering. So at 7 months she was put to sleep.

The best description I found of what FIP is and why they get it and how it progresses is in an interview with one of the top researchers of FIP and expert in shelter health.

Hugs to the foster mom for Dustin, for your kindness and courage to make sure he was not alone at the end.

Tiger Lily's Mom