Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ho-Hum. Seriously. Ho-Hum.

It was really wonderful to have a reprieve from the frigid air yesterday.  The thermostat said 14 degrees celcius (57 degrees Fahrenheit) and watching the squirrels frolicking yesterday as if it were Spring was a lovely change.  I imagine that the homeless cats who live outside felt the same way. 

Today, I woke up to blustery gusts of freezing wind and my heart hurts for the cats outside that are (no doubt) huddled under cars and dumpsters.  I wish I could enjoy cold weather like other people.  I end up worrying about animals outside.  My 140 year old house bravely stood up to the wind last night as my cats snuggled into the quilts on our bed.  It isn't fair.

I feel like I've been glued to the computer over the past few days.  Between closing out the books on 2012 for the rescue, adding more cats to our website AND going into Petsmart two days early, it's been an insane couple of days.  I'm always so grateful for our volunteers.  There's no way I could do everything myself. 

I'm spending the afternoon picking up cats and kittens from volunteer foster parents and bringing them to our Petsmart Adoption Centre.   It's a stressful time for both foster parents and the cats.  We have some foster parents that say "NO WAY is my foster baby going into a Petsmart store."  I'm way ok with that - we're a foster-home based rescue FIRST.  Petsmart is a luxury :) 

David and I rescued 8 cats over the weekend.  It's hard to believe that I used to rescue 20+ cats alone, because rescuing 8 seemed like a big deal to me.  I love that David's retired and can help me.  Certainly it's nice to have somebody to moan and groan with when  a startled cat poops in his carrier.  :)

At the risk of an already dull blog post this morning, I'm going to push the "Publish" button and hope for something interesting to write about tomorrow.   Lack of sleep last night has dulled the mind!

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Caroline said...

I think this was an interesting blog post, you rescued 8 cats, congrats! That is 8 lives saved and 8 more that are given more time at the shelter. How about doing a rescue video with David in it, (on my Moms computer and question marks and commas arent working!)