Monday, January 14, 2013

The Stack

As I type this, Boo-Boo is still at the shelter.  I never heard back from the woman who showed interest in her.  Fortunately, she will not be euthanized at this shelter unless she becomes unadoptable or seriously ill.  But she continues to become  depressed in a cage and I think she's adorable - in a homely-fat-cat -sorta-way.   Many thank you's to all who inquired about her.   I won't give up on her until she's out of a cage.

I rarely get really angry at any of my cats or dog.  But when I heard a huge CRASH yesterday in the kitchen, I knew that nothing good had happened. 

I was right.

Walking downstairs, I saw a scatter of cats with *poofed* tails.  Only Sherman remained at the scene  of the crime.  On the floor was my favourite vintage etched mirror.  I spent (what I thought was)  a small fortune on it and it had been laying on the kitchen counter waiting to be hung later this evening.  There was glass everywhere and Sherman looked ridiculously guilty.  My favourite mirror - oh how I LOVED that stupid mirror!!  I'm so angry with Sherman!
It's hard to be angry with something that cute.  *sigh*

I spent the majority of the day closing out 2012 in my office.  The amount of paper that accumulates with this rescue astounds me!  Adoption files, veterinary files, tax stuff, foster applications....blah blah blah!  But looking at my "stack" of adoption agreements from 2012 was a proud moment for me. 
That  stack represents more than 600 cats who are now  Forever Home in 2012!  SIX HUNDRED!  I leafed through the names and fondly remembered most of the cats.  It's strange how quickly I can forget cats that had such meaning to me 8 months ago. 

I wish I had taken a picture of the OTHER stack on the floor near the adoption agreements.  That's the Veterinary bills for 2012.  It's twice the size of the adoption stack. 

C'est la vie!


Caroline said...

Wow 600 cats adopted this year? That's crazy good! Congrats!

Random Felines said...

ahhhh The Sherminator.... :)

600 adoptions is awesome!!! fingers crossed that same day for all rescues the stack of adoptions will be MUCH higher than the stack of vet bills.

Sparkle said...

600 cats in 2012 is nearly two cats adopted a day! Paws up for your good work - that is amazing!

Lory and Co. said...

What's the status of Boo-Boo? She's breaking my heart!

Chrissykat said...

Wow! 600 cats! This is a huge congrats to you times six hundred!!! Keeping positive adoption mojo for Boo-Boo.