Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Rescue and an Update

There are some rescues where I can pick up a bunch of cats  and don't hear a peep out of them for the entire length of the trip.  But today was a different story.

A fellow volunteer and I went to the shelter this morning and rescued four adult cats!  I swear, we no  sooner got out of the parking lot and they ALL  pooped  and barfed in their carriers.  I've never heard so  much howling and overall "pissed off" than I have for the entire time our trek.  When we arrived to our destination, they all left their carriers quietly, feverishly trying to clean themselves as they walked.  Each one looked  basically apologetic,  "So sorry for the mess,  Ma'am...thanks for the rescue!"  *sigh*

On the way to the shelter we dropped off "Cupid" the white guy that I wrote about on the last blog post.  (If you missed it, you can read about him here. )  Cupid is getting neutered, and having some dental work done.  "Dental Work".  How I hate hearing those two words together.  It's such an expensive procedure for any rescue.   Usually, dentistry is anywhere between $500.00 - $1500.00.   Poor guy must have been in so much pain with the broken teeth.  We certainly can't leave him like that!  

Thought you'd enjoy a little look at Cupid's "Day of Beauty" before and after pictures:

I think it's VERY brave to put an UNKNOWN adult cat into a bath!  But he was extremely sweet and even purr'd through the whole thing!   The water was obviously black from the filth this poor guy has been sitting in for so long.  He must've given up grooming himself.  While he's under anesthesia, we've asked for a "lion's cut" which should make him look even cuter - and  certainly feel better. Whomever adopts this guy is going to be fortunate indeed! 

We also recently trapped and rescued  a VERY pregnant Mommy cat who had obviously been dumped outside.  The trapper said she had been around for 4 months.  Poor little thing isn't feral.  She just forgot what it's like to be loved.  We have a new foster family that stepped forward and offered to foster her and her new kittens.  This is how she looked when she was first rescued:

She's a tiny thing.  Maybe 1 year old.  She cautiously lifts her head into your hand for love.  Who  could just throw her out like garbage? 

I'm really enjoying helping some of these tougher cases lately.  Can you tell?  :)


Anonymous said...

OMG what sweet kitties!:)

Sparkle said...

WOW! Cupid is GORGEOUS! And I can't believe he took the bath so well. You are right, the humans who adopt him are going to be very lucky!

~*Connie*~ said...

I love how Cupid has the exact same expression in the first photo as the last.. ;) I hope you are able to share a photo of him shaved down, I bet it will be adorable.

Many purrs to Mamma kitty.. may she have a healthy pregnancy, and easy birth and beautiful healthy kittens (but not too many) who all find wonderful homes.

Debbie said...

Hope there are good pictures of him before he gets his lion cut to post on the site
His blue eyes just glow now that he is clean. He looks wonderful!
And the pregnant one is also just beautiful!

Caroline said...

OMC! Cupid is such a hunk!

Deb said...

Cupid is just beautiful. What a difference a bath made. Who would have guessed he could turn out so handsome and white. I love white cats. I'm sure you know Ilove all cats but white ones make me stop dead in my tracks. Best of luck to find loving homes for both these rescued cats.

Jaclyn said...

That white cat is so beautiful. He will be soooo happy after his makeover. I had a kitty growing up that looked exactly like that except he had one green and one blue eye. I'm glad you can get such joy out of cleaning these guys up and making them feel better, you definitely deserve it!

Renee said...

Cupid is stunning. And I know it's probably his bad teeth, but the little half-smirk he has is so charming. Does he have full hearing? Whatever. He's lovely and is going to be a great friend for someone. Congrats on the save and the huge improvement.

Cherry City Kitties said...

This is our first visit to your blog. We've been reading back a ways and you are doing some amazing work. We are happy to get to know you. Boy, did Cupid clean up nice or what ??? We're sure he'll be in a forever home soon!
Harry, Dexter and Tipp
Cherry City Kitties