Monday, February 11, 2013

February Freedom

I've been working with the public quite a bit more than I usually do.  I'm finding myself answering urgent pleas and returning calls from the public who  have found a cat and need help.  Because I'm generally not very trusting of people who want help with cats, it's a big step for me to call these people back. 

It's a beautiful time of year for cats that need help.  In July - nobody will have time or space.

I received a call from a lovely sounding older lady that reported she  witnessed somebody "fling" a cat out of a car window.  What makes  people think that it's  OK  to throw a cat out of a car window?  Apparently, the finder of the cat is highly allergic and not very internet savvy on how to search for help, so this poor kitty spent the night in a box on her front porch.  I  can't imagine how cold she must've been.  (Probably  warmer than she would've been if she hadn't been discovered)  The finder found how to reach me the next day and  this poor angel spent her last night as  an unwanted, abandoned cat:

She's happy and safe (and apparently VERY VERY sweet) in  a foster home.  Now I can  only hope she's not pregnant. 

We also rescued  a very lovely little dilute calico at the "high kill shelter".  She's quite pregnant and were praying she doesn't deliver her kittens while she's got the shelter's standard viral infection:

I put out an urgent plea for donations for her.  The cost of taking care  of these  kind of cats is so high.  I'm grateful that some generous souls stepped forward to help.

Our adoptions have been very high this month.  We've adopted out 30 cats and kittens this month and it's only the 11th!  I love knowing that I have the freedom to rescue more.  February is kind of the gravy month - not much sickness and many adoptions.   I just paid an $8000.00 vet bill today so am truly happy to have a little bit of gravy to help with expenses.

One of our volunteers innocently said to me today,  "Gee Beth, it's almost kitten season already!"

"NOOOOooooooooo!"  I am not ready.  Nope. Nope. Nope.  Not ready.  I'm enjoying my freedom.



Random Felines said...

well that will put a hole in your balloon of joy - impending kitten season. Can we get a couple months to go please?? :) Nice save on the girls....and great adoption news!

Caroline said...

yay for a new blog excerpt and yay for new dilute Mom! and the "porch cat"!