Friday, February 15, 2013

Another Rescue Rollercoaster Day

Today was truly a rescue rollercoaster ride.  Why is it that I can get up in the morning with ONE thing that must be done for the rescue and end up spending the day doing so many unscheduled things?

I knew I was supposed to take "Lady" into the vet today.  She was rescued from a man who believed that cats should be "natural" - unspayed/unneuterd and if "coyotes eat was meant to be".  Needless to say, the kitten I rescued from him had a major eye injury that is now going to require surgery.  "Natural.  My ass."

When I arrived at the foster Mom's home to pick up Lady, her face said it all;   The kitten she had been working with and working with was  dying today.  Poor Clarence had been to the vet a zillion times and nobody knew what was  wrong.  His viral tests were negative and he hadn't been thriving for 4 weeks.  He was  never really suffering - until today.   So with a heavy heart, I took "Clarence" for his last vet trip, along with "Lady" who needed surgery:

 Clarence looked like a robust kitten in this picture.   But his little body could not longer sustain him and my heart broke into a million pieces.

I picked up 4 kittens from a rescuer and met up with two excited foster parents.  The kittens were tiny and insanely cute.    Being a "rollercoaster rescue day", it shouldn't have surprised me when an email came in from the foster Mom that said that one of the kittens wouldn't put down his little foot and was  walking on 3 legs.  *sigh*:

I received a phone call about a cat that was outside and needed help.  Apparently, he had been hanging out around the area for more than  2 years.  Suddenly, the people were worried about him since he started to look so bad.   They didn't know if this cat was a male or female.

Our volunteer arrived at the property to find a very pathetic white cat with gorgeous eyes.  He had several abscesses on his face, was horribly matted, and limping:

I'm always so nervous taking cats like this.  I didn't know if he or she was going to be nice or if he (or she) was going to be adoptable.   I was starting to spin out about the whole thing when an email arrived from the his/her rescuer.  It was simply put:

"It is an intact male with small balls. He has a gash on his ear. I cleaned his ears, trimmed his nails washed his face and checked his bum. He purred the entire time."

I laughed and it felt goooood.  :)


Anonymous said...

I am sooo happy you and your wonderful foster home took this sweet white guy in - his 2nd chance may have arrived just in time! Blessings to all!

Random Felines said...

so sorry about Clarence....the ones you fight so hard for are the hardest to lose -but you and your foster gave him a chance!! And yeah for the new white guy..... purred the entire time :)

Sparkle said...

That white kitty is going to look amazing once he gets cleaned and fixed up!

Debbie said...

The white guy probably hasn't felt loving hands on him in soooo long, he didn't care what they where doing, because they where doing it because someone finally cared about him !

Caroline said...

Great for the white guy, he is a great poster boy for why you should not abandon your pets. Sorry about Clarence.