Friday, December 21, 2012

Attention Mr. Mayor

I never include this kind of propaganda, but the video below totally *rocks* and expresses my sentiments about this "high kill" shelter.  I don't always see eye-to-eye with this group, but whomever produced this video was right on the money this time:

Turn on your sound and let's hope the Mayor of this ass-backward city will do something positive for the animals for a change.

 I understand that this shelter had a large "kill day" yesterday. No rescues were aware that the cats would be killed on an unusual "vet day" and couldn't rescue any of the little souls in time.


Debbie said...

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Maybe if enough people know what is going on and pass it on , MAYBE things will change. We hope!!!

Anonymous said...

There is a WONDERFUL post on I want a pound dog blog - major victory against puppy mills in Ontario.


as bad as the high kill shelter is just up the road from you is


Anonymous said...

Now let's post the real storie. Most of the animals displayed in your video are safe or have been rescued. If you really want to help, deal with the root cause. Educate the public on spaying and neutering their pets or better yet put your energy toward organizing a low cost spay neuter clinic in the area of this high kill shelter. It is better than slamming them every chance you get. It would be so wonderful if you really could make a difference instead of trying to influence those that do want to help rescue the cats there to not want to because of your ridiculous cost calcutions to care for a high kill shelter cat. I doubt my comments will ever see the light of day but if you really do want to help make the effort to do something positive instead of slamming the city.

House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: First of all, this isn't MY video. It was a video I found that I was perfect for the way *I* felt in *my* blog.

I don't think that this video indicated that the animals were dead - just that the city killed a bunch of cats on a particular day. I think it was merely pictures of the cats at the shelter.

Yep..I agree that the public needs to be educated. But this city also needs to show compassion and allow the public to come in and adopt animals.

Think I'm influencing people negatively who want to rescue from this shelter? I certainly don't think I have that kind of influence, nor is it any of my business where rescues save their cats. But thanks anyway.

Anonymous said...

Cats always seem to get second place. In Walmart one day I heard a fellow say, just shoot the cats. These people couldn't have had pets growing up, and have no compassion for animals. I love all animals domestic and wild, have five cats at the present, four were strays. They have their own personalities and like to love me up, purr, cuddle. How can one not love them? Cynthia

Caroline said...

OMG, I looked read your blog today after being away from internet for over a week and sad news greeted me. I've tried emailing PETA about this animal control, I wonder if Bob Barker would do anything?

hmacross said...

Until the public at large understands that most of the animals taken to the shelter are killed, and demands change, I fear nothing will change.

To Caroline - PeTA wouldn't do anything! Did you know they kill 97% of the animals they take into their shelters?

Hoping that 2013 is the best year yet.

selkie said...

Anonymous - blaming the public is a well worn and incorrect method of asserting it is "not my fault" that all those cats have to be killed. The reality is that spaying and neutering is great but it is NOT the solution. Every kill shelter I've read or been to blames everyone but themselves. Yet oddly, no kill shelters seem to operate efficiently and without killing and as a bonus, educate and teach the public how to do it right. And stop being such a wuss and posting under "anonymous" it just underlines you have nothing worthwhile to say