Monday, December 10, 2012


It's definitely been a few days of happiness for me and the rescue!   I'm trying to wallow in some rescue happiness while I have it!

After writing about the purebred Bengal named Seamus at the shelter, one of our own foster parents came forward and offered to give Seamus a temporary home.  It was obvious to this doting foster parent that Seamus was not just stressed but very depressed.  My heart sank whens he told me that she thought that Seamus came to realization that he was never going back home again.  God, how I hate hearing that.

But The Seamus' Story wasn't over.   A wonderful couple who read my blog came forward and offered to adopt Seamus! They already have a Bengal of similar age and understand all the Bengal idiosyncrasies.   My heart soared when they updated the foster Mom that he wasn't hiding and greeted them at the door - totally opposite of what the foster Mom experienced!

Seamus knows he's *home*!  Is there any better word than that?  Home! 

Speaking of awesome adoptions, my own foster kitten "Merry" was adopted within 24 hours of her picture on our website!  I hardly got to really know her :)  

Merry was my first foster in a long time.  Honestly, I think she was probably too young for my house.  She promptly tinkled on my new living room rug. (Of course, it's a WHITE RUG - what was I thinking when I bought that stupid thing?)    It wasn't her fault.  I need a foster cat old enough to make it downstairs to the laundry room litterbox.  I don't keep a main floor litterbox. 

Our volunteers were back to the high kill shelter on Saturday and rescued  2 adult cats and 2 older kittens and one tiny little 5 week old dude.  I laughed when I found out they were  ALL tabbies!

I don't think I've stopped smiling :)


Renee said...

As a kitty foster mom, my very favorite thing is to hear that a cat or kitten is immediately doing BETTER in the new home than with me. It means that s/he knows that the "waystation" of fostering is over, and s/he is in their REAL home. Their Forever Home. Seamus is a very lucky boy (and so are his new family!)

Caroline said...

what are you thinking having carpet with all those pets?? Hope you get another foster soon. Also did abicus, the microchipped, declawed guy make it out?

House of the Discarded said...

Caroline: Was Abicus the declawed tabby guy? We rescued him on Saturday, I believe :)