Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The New Computer

I turned off my computer for the night as I usually do.  The morning brings my usual routine of turning on the computer, making coffee and "feeding the herd".   But this time, when I clicked the blue button to turn on my computer, I didn't hear the usual "rrrrrrrrRRRR" of the start up.

After five years, my beloved, comfortable computer was finally dead. 

Most people are excited about getting a new computer.  I dreaded it.  There was a new Microsoft browser out there and I had LOTS of stuff on my old computer that I needed.  Ahhh...thoughts  of knowing where everything is at a click of my mouse was going to be a distant memory.

The laptop arrived without much fanfare.  David and my son were far more excited to get me set up to as close as the original state as I could be.  Files were transferred but now found in different places.  Foster parents were sending me pictures of their foster cats and I couldn't find the appropriate photo software to edit them.

Only *I* would whine about getting a new computer.  How completely ungrateful. 

But with an internet-based business as our rescue, a working, fast computer is mandatory.  I feel like everything is taking longer than it should.   Typing this blog post has been an exercise in patience as my fingers fiddle with the smaller laptop keyboard. 

As I'm bookmarking Facebook, Petfinder, and my photo software, I'm feeling far more relaxed as the familiar faces pop up on the browser.  My technological life will soon be back to normal.  In the meantime, I'm going to summon some gratitude that the worst problem I have today is familiarizing myself with the new laptop. 


T said...

I wonder what a Feline World comprison would be? When we move the litter box? Introduce a new kind of litter? Thought the furries would like some food variety? Change the water dish from ceramic to stainless? New collar (ew!)? :)

Caroline said...

lol, Beth I totally understand, I need to trade my BlackBerry for an iphone and my laptop for a tablet and I keep procrastinating because I'm afraid I won't understand how to use the new devices, let alone download the software you need to get them running! My brother and Dad aren't that techy to help either! I think I'll tell the iphone guy that I'm not leaving the store until he does what's necessary. I might have to do a sit-in!

Anonymous said...

All of us old fogies feel the same about new technology and the learning curve.

When I bought my new computer [my old one had to die to push me] I had them load the same operating system as the one that died. That helped a lot with the transition.

I finally broke down last week and joined face book. [to read your facebook page Beth]

I flat out refuse to join twitter.

It may leave me the functional equivalent of illiterate but enough already!

FYI Telus provide free in store training sessions to get you up to speed on a new phone.

Benita Bolland said...

It does take time to get used to something, but I think it would be easy for you. You just have to start over again and organize all the things you usually use on your old computer. What caused your old computer to finally break down? Did you get it checked? Sometimes the problem is just a faulty park that’s stopped working, and the rest of the computer is still intact.