Monday, October 22, 2012

I Cried.

I have no idea why I'm so surprised when the rescue runs so beautifully while I'm away.  We had more than 20 adoptions in the five days of my absence and 2 more today!  Maybe I need to go away more often.

The wedding was amazing and exceeded my expectations.  Yes, I cried.  I was totally  fine until my two handsome sons escorted me down the aisle.  When did they become taller than me?  Memories kept coming back to me - diaper changes,  Barbie Lunchboxes, cheerleading meetings, and University graduation. 

 I thought David looked VERY handsome walking Katy down the aisle...more tears from me...

Thank heavens for cell phone cameras!  In the old days we had to wait until the photographer coughed up the pictures.  I think these pictures  were on Facebook before the end of the night!  :)

My own cats and geriatric Maggie did well while I was gone.  In the first 30 seconds of being home, Maggie pee'd on the carpet in front of me.  Nothing like a good dose of "guilt" for being gone to make you feel welcome by your own pets.  :)

The newlyweds are off to Maui and we  returned to  Autumn colour.  I'm glad to be be home, but feel older than when I left.  The Petsmart manager was surprised to hear that I have a 28 year old daughter that's married.  (She's going to be my new best friend! LOL!)

David's first full day of post-wedding retirement was spent in Petsmart with me, running cat medications to foster homes and racking leaves.

I think  we're ALL going to be OK. *happy  smile*


Deb said...

Aw..she's lovely. My daughter married in Aug. of this year. Makes' you proud, eh!

Caroline said...

Great pics Beth. I'm glad the wedding went so well.Congrats also on so many adoptions. Since you have so many pets, are you going to be replacing all your carpet with tile or hardwood? Tiles would be best, laminate doesn't stand up to pee.

shannon said...

for some reason everytime i read that sentance i read it as "maggie died while i was gone" i just couldnt read it right. i was almost crying myself...finally i read it right..phew! your daughter is so beautiful. congratulations!

Princess Jasmine said...

Awwwwww what a beautiful bridge and groom. We wish them every happiness for the future. :)xx