Sunday, October 28, 2012


Tomorrow is going to end up being a huge rescue day.  As I sit at my computer and figure out available foster space, it's a fine juggle between "available foster space" and "have enough cats for an adoption event this coming weekend".

The weather is supposed to be awful, so I'm going to grab a coffee and head out early.  There's going to be traffic and problematic parking in the city, but I'm anxious to rescue.  It's been far too long.  

I had a terrible adoption call this weekend that really tried my patience.  As somebody who regularly speaks with the public, I work hard at trying to make people feel OK if they're turned down for adoption.  Turning down a prospective adopter is usually very difficult.  It takes diplomacy and tact....

...but "diplomacy and tact" wasn't on the docket today:

(After all the nice-chat is over, we get down to business)

Beth:  So have you ever had a cat before?

Kevin:  Oh sure!  We had a cat until recently...

Beth:  Oh?  What happened?

Kevin:  Gave it away because we bought this fucking puppy that chased the cat and it really pissed off the cat royally.

Beth:  So you gave away your cat....

Kevin:  Yes!  But to The Humane Society so they wouldn't kill him.

Beth:  (stammering)

Kevin:  Fucking puppy was a nutcase so we ended up giving him away too!  Imagine that we could've kept the cat after all!  What bad luck!

Beth:  So you've given away two pets this year?

Kevin:  We've had 3 cats in the past few years, but they just didn't work well with us, so we had to find them new homes too.

(At this point, I'm thinking "Candid Camera......gotta be Candid Camera...)

Beth:  I don't want an adopter that is going to dump one of our cats.  We want an adopter that will honour a 20 year commitment to the cat.

Kevin:  Nobody can do that.  Things change in life, lady.

Beth:  Sure they do, but...

Kevin:  Oh, I get it're one of THOSE crazy cat ladies.

Beth:  No.  I just want good homes for the cats we rescue.  We make a commitment to each and every cat.  I promise them.... We're called "FOREVER Home Cat Rescue for a reason."

Kevin:  You're a fucking nutty bitch.  There's plenty of cats out there that need homes, I'll get one of those. 


I didn't get a chance for a retort, but hung up angrily and feared for the poor cat that he'd end up with.  I feel like posting this blog post on  Craigslist to warn other people.  But I suppose there are desperate people out there who won't mind dumping their cat with a "gem" like Kevin. 

In the meantime, I can only hope that Kevin doesn't reproduce. 


Anonymous said...

I think Kevin is related to the lady I talked to at Petsmart that declaws all 4 paws on her cats so their nails won't click on the floor. She was very angry that we wouldn't adopt to her!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Scary to know people like that exist! I would have thought that was a crank call too!

Sparkle said...

How awful - this Kevin human should NEVER have pets! I too fear for any kitty he decides to temporarily take home and dump when it becomes inconvenient.

House of Carnivores said...

Wow. If Kevin is the alternative to "crazy cat lady" I think I'll stick with being the latter, thanks.

Anonymous said...

allow kevin to have a cat if he agrees to a full castration of himself. no need for the lobotomy- apparently he already has one.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha Beth that last comment from Anonymous just gave me an "out loud" chuckle! I'm having a super stressed "rescue related" week and your blog tonight, complete with comments just made everthing evaporate in a chuckle! Thanks again lady for keeping us sane!