Friday, October 12, 2012

Changes Are Coming...a Little Too Fast

Friday.  It's really Friday.  Maybe I've been in denial that today is David's last day as a working Canadian citizen.  He'll officially be retired.  It's strange that I haven't really told anybody.  I think I've just been trying to figure out how he will fit into my life as a post-working-guy.

Last night we had a scare and ran our 6 year old brown tabby boy  "Thomas Turner" into the emergency vet clinic.  When Thomas didn't come downstairs for Temptation Treats we  knew  something was wrong and found him completely *flat* on the guest bedroom bed.  After close examination, we noticed that his EYEBALLS - not the tissues  surrounding his eyes - were filled with blood.  Nothing is simple, or cheap.  

This morning we have  $1000.00 less in the ol' bank account, and Thomas seems fine.  Nobody knows what happened to him or why.  Couldn't I at least have a diagnosis, please? 

Every breadwinner who retires has an initial panic about money.  I was waiting for  David to flip out. But without question, he reminded me of his devotion to me and the cats when he didn't blink an eye when expensive tests were ordered.   I'm sure he was silently thinking, "Holy Crap....what if ALL the cats get sick?"  LOL

On top of everything else, my daughter gets married next week and we're all traveling to Newport Beach, California for the event.   We've paid for the wedding, but the "vacation expenses"  will be high.  I think my sons are planning a trip to Disneyland next week.  *sigh*

Maybe it's me that feels panicked.  I have a wonderful life with the rescue and am worried about how David will fit into that life.   We have lots of big life changes coming up.  It's strange that some of my old friends from high school have children still in elementary/primary school.  MY husband is retiring, we have married kids, grandkids and a GREAT grandchild. 

With all that goes on in life, there are two things I can count on:   David, and an unending supply of cats.  Gratefully, both of them seem to need me. 


Deb said...

Don't worry. Before he knows it he will be wondering how he had time to work. He has a chance now to do all the things he loves to do but could never find the time. Vet bills are never appreciated and that one is a whopper. Hope things settle down in that area soon. Good luck with all the cats that need care. Winter is coming and we know that it is, too, a difficult time for the homeless ones.

Anonymous said...

Untreated high blood pressure can cause bleeding within the eye, and retinal detachment. With prompt treatment (usually amlodipine) the retinas will usually re-attach(this works for cats but bot people). Not sure if this is what you are describing. I sure hope he is okay. It sounds super scary.

Anonymous said...

As Gilda Radner's character Roseanna Dana used to say "It's always somethin!"

Hope that is the last of it for poor old Thomas.

I must confess the fear of vet bills keeps my numbers down. My own form of population control!


Caroline said...

This is the perfect time for David to start organizing the first Forever Home Charitable Bridge Tournament!