Monday, August 13, 2012

Meltdown Central

I was still half asleep when David leaned over to kiss me goodbye.   He gently whispered in my ear, "Sweetheart, don't look out the front window, there's a really big dead raccoon that's been hit by a car in front of the house."

I sat straight up in bed.  "How do you know it's really dead? What if it needs medical care??"  I ran to the window and sighed.  Poor guy was gone.  No doubt was the Daddy for half the raccoons born in the neighbourhood.  Animal Services picked up his body a few minutes ago.  I said a silent prayer and worried that some other little raccoon might be missing him.  Do raccoons have best friends?  I hate that I'm such sap and think of this stuff.

It wasn't a pleasant start to the day.

The day hasn't gotten much better as I'm waiting for the Cable company.  They gave me an EIGHT HOUR window of time of arrival.  How the hell do people who have real jobs deal with that?  Ridiculous!!

We officially move into our new home on Friday.  The "Cat Den" people are coming Wednesday to dismantle the cat den and put it up at our new house.  It could be a rough two days without it.  My cats love their cat den!

I've spent the past 2 or 3 weeks doing nothing but complaining, stressing and scratching the surface of things that need to be done.  We have one volunteer that had a 40th birthday party and instead of receiving gifts she asked for donations to our rescue!   She's been patiently waiting for me to connect with her to give me money and I've been unable to manage a secure time to be home!   I'm so embarrassed.

I have so many missing "thank you's" that I've neglected to say to people.  That's probably driving me crazier than anything.  It's such a worry that people may think I've been rude or neglectful.  On top of everything else,  I think I lost an adoption cheque.  It was paperclipped to the adoption agreement.  The adoption agreement is here but the cheque is gone.  I'll have to reimburse the rescue for that if it doesn't turn up. 

Fortunately for me and the rescue,we have the best volunteers around.  As I type this, two of our volunteers are driving into the city to pick up kittens and take them into Petsmart for me.  I'm truly blessed at every turn and need to remember that as I have these mini-meltdowns. 

It's a good thing I'm distracted.  The $7000.00+ vet bill I just received from ONE veterinarian didn't phase me as it usually would.  :)  I'm feeling better now as I type this, and I think I'll go make another pot of coffee and keep cleaning out cupboards. 

Maybe I should start counting my blessings too. 


Random Felines said...

I can't imagine moving on top of everything else.

As to the cable company, I at least force them into a 4 hour time frame, but some day I am going to figure out why we allow them to hold us hostage. :)

shannon said...

wow. What a horrible way to wake up. On the other hand I am glad I'm not the only one that worries about the wildlife. I don't understand how people can just pass by it as if it doesn't exist. It's is cruel to just leave it there. I am glad you checked to make sure it had really passed. Poor soul. I hope he didn't suffer through the night to much.

Caroline said...

I think David should have kept quiet about the raccoon sometimes I think it's best to not let us know about these things! Glad you checked it out though. How do u know it is a boy?? Did u check that too?? lol. sry couldn't resist. Good luck on your move are you having packers like the last time? Good investment I think! Maybe let the cats run around the basement when the den is gone! If they were kids you could take them to the park!

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth,
Sorry about the racoon...but they can be very destructive...tore every screen from every door and window in our stable. One of them destroyed several nests of kittens in our neighbour's barn..left only body parts of Mammas and babies....then pulled up the shingles on their roof and made a nest in their attic. Be glad they didn't attack your kitties too... I worry about OUR barn kitties ! Frank was also attacked by one of them whilst we were camping a few years back..he wanted the food in our cooler. I have great respect for those nasty claws and teeth !
wishing you good luck in your new home and hoping everything works out well for you two !
Glad you are still blogging because I still hang on every word you type and check the shelter website every day to see if any of the poor kitties are rescued. I always put them on my facebook site to see if I can help them out. Thank you for doing what you can for them all...Take Gail

Caroline said...

Hi Gail,

Did your neighbour try TNR? Trap Neuter Release for her barn cats?