Wednesday, August 15, 2012

48 Hours

For the next 48 hours, we are without our beloved Cat Den.  Kris at Habitat Haven showed up promptly at 8:00 am this morning and took down the den and is now installing it at our new house as I type this blog post.

My cats are having withdrawals and it's mayhem at my house. 

We have a house showing this morning and the some of the cats must remain in the house during the showing since we can't put them out in the cat den.  It's 11 am, and my once clean hair is skinned back in a pony tail and I'm sweaty.  I have to be back at the new house by 1:00 because Ikea is delivering some stuff for my son's room. 

Yesterday, I ran into a former adopter at a local pet store.  Lynn is a lovely human being and she adopted our Gabby and Ramone.  She wanted me to come over to visit them before I moved.  I hesitated.  She lives only 3 minutes from the pet store and I knew she wanted me to come over right away.  How could I make time?  Too much to do....but I decided to go anyway.  Maybe the diversion would be good for me. 

What I didn't expect is that I burst into tears the moment I saw them!

They looked cared for and happy.  Their coats were shiny and there was no doubt that they were adored.  Ramone playfully bit me and I sang my little "Gabba-Gabba" song to Gabby.  I think she remembered!  I wiped my eyes in embarrassment.  I don't know where that came from.  Maybe just from the stress of the past few weeks.  But I was SO glad I saw them again. 

48 hours and I'll be in our new house - complete with cat den.  THEN the work begins!  Until then, dealing with 10 cats "flipping out" over the lack of cat den is going to be brutal.  Maybe they can go over for a visit tonight.  Hm.  Or maybe not.  :)


Random Felines said...

that cat den is pretty neat... that is on our "someday" list. glad you got to see the Ramone & Gabby - what a gift to be reminded why we do this. :)

Anonymous said...

Awwww!!! I love that you went and saw the kitties, it was sign that you needed to see those kitties today!

I am also so happy to hear that you also have 10 cats, I didn't know that, now for some reason I don't feel like such a "freak", you, who I look up to and highly respect also has 10 cats, now I can consider myself "normal"
I can't wait to tell my husband that we are "normal" woohoo.

Caroline said...

Good luck on your move. Gather all the small cat toys into a basket to lug with you and whenever one of the cats starts bugging you or being naughty, throw the ball/toy to divert their attention.

Renee said...

No Cat Den? The horror! We've only had ours a few months, but the gang loves it SO much. Even wimpy, toothless little SweetPea sits out there and takes deep breaths of fresh air, and watches the squirrels.

I'm so glad you got to see former fosters doing well. And it's no surprise it hits you hard. It's the REASON you do what you do, so seeing a sick shelter cat who's now a slick family member is emotional. Embrace it! :)

T said...

You do home visits of the previously rescued? Well, Diego, the cat you rescued from the "high kill" shelter for me, will be moving with me to Singapore, along with his evil partner in Siamese Crime, Missy. You just MUST come to see Diego there. He will love to accept guests into his Singapore flat, I just know it. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL... 10 cats ? NO ! Well I guess that makes me somewhat normal...although we also have 4 rescues in the stable...Do they count ? LOL..of COURSE they do they ALL count. I guess misery loves company, lol..especially when you're cleaning all those litter pans ! DOES make me feel better I realize I am also not a freak ...just a big softee . Nothing like kitty therapy when you're having a bad day there ? Kitty purrs are better than valium..uh oh dating's Prozac now isn't it ?
Glad you went to visit the kitties Beth.... I know I would have been in tears too ! Good stuff always makes me cry !
Good luck on the cat Den.. I've often wondered if we should have one !

Debbie said...

I think it is nice to see a old foster or at least her how they are doing.
You have a bond with them when they go to there forever home.
Good luck with the move !

~*Connie*~ said...

It should be over by now. I hope everyone survived!!