Wednesday, August 29, 2012

God's Country

It was nice to be part of a rescue again.  It's not very often that I get to visit a lovely horse farm with the intent of rescuing cats.  The drive was incredible out into the country with a fellow volunteer in the passenger seat.  I could almost smell the leather from the tack barn as we drove into their driveway.  Oh how I miss having horses sometimes! 

Sadly, only a few of the tenants (who board their horses) give a crap about the 15+ cats inhabitating their farm.  Nobody really feeds them and of course, none are fixed.  So NOW that the spring kittens are getting older, everybody's panicking and they're asking for help. 

As usual, before any  rescue I call foster parents and ask for help.  I knew I could take 3 cats comfortably.

But I left with 5. 

Two already have pictures and names:
"Ferguson looks pretty happy to be out of the barn!"

"Forbes is a happy guy too!"

Now that five are out of there, the owners and tenants of the farm have vowed to get the rest fixed in order to avoid things getting out of control. There's such a small window to catch friendly cats before they become untouchable and fertile.

I still have a preference for rescuing out of shelters.  But I feel like I made a huge difference with this farm and may have been able to help them from a situation becoming out of control.  It was hard to take them away from this farm.  The sun was warm and they were all in a bail of hay grooming each other.  They were happy!!  I tried to remember that Canada's winters can be unforgiving and scooped them into carriers. 

I kissed each one and promised them a better life....and I meant it.


Debbie said...

If you are stuck ,I can ask Jessto take one or two???

Caroline said...

I just hope the barn follows through on the spaying and neutering. Did they have any traps?

Random Felines said...

good save....we hope the farm follows up on the spay/neuters

Anonymous said...

"Sadly, only a few of the tenants (who board their horses) give a crap about the 15+ cats inhabitating their farm. Nobody really feeds them and of course, none are fixed."

Just a quick comment about this sentence, from someone who both volunteers in cat rescue and is a horse owner too - I don't think the boarders can do much about the cats, unfortunately. They are renting the stall, and don't usually have any control over the property itself, including what happens to the cats. I've been in that situation myself.

Your sentence quoted above equates to the same thing as saying that a person who pays for a parking spot in the city should be held accountable for the stray cats who live there. In both cases, the "renter" can try to help the cats, but often, ultimately the property owner has the final say about what can and cannot be done to help them.

Regardless, it's good to hear that you were able to help some of them, and as a long time reader - thank you for all of the work that you do for all of the cats!!

Tina said...

Happy to hear some of the tenants were compassionate and reached out to you for help and that you answered the call! People stepping up and taking that first step is what changes situations.....excuses change nothing! Way to go Beth!