Thursday, July 26, 2012

The July Thing.

 I've had 3 adoption calls ALL for the same kitten today.  She's adorable - there's no doubt about that.  But nobody will consider another kitten!  They ALL want THAT kitten!!!   

The calls on the "cat phone" have all seemed more desperate lately.  Even though we have a message that says we're not taking owner/surrenders, we're still receiving a few every day.  Some of these people seem to be on auto-pilot and leaving the same message as they go down a list.  I doubt they even hear my caveat. 
One of the calls was from an educated sounding lady that needs to "rehome" their cat "because of a new baby in the house."  I wanted to call her back just to yell at her and tell her she's stupid. (For lack of a better word)  But I'm guessing the cat is stressed about the new baby and is peeing on stuff.  I can give good counsel on that - I'm good with cat pee issues,  but in the event she's intent on dumping the cat, it's just going to upset me.

So as things get more desperate for cats, I start feeling uglier about the human race.  It's definitely the Mood of July.  It happens every year. 

I received an email from a friend-in-rescue asking about a senior cat at the high-kill shelter.  She had tried to reach a staff member but had received no reply.  She asked for my help contacting somebody.  She wanted to ADOPT him.  Sadly, they killed the cat the SAME day that a small army of shelter staff members decided to write me back.  It wasn't a happy day for the human race. 

Our house still hasn't sold, renovations are in full swing in house #2, and my daughter's wedding is fast approaching.  I'm uncharacteristically disorganized and it's driving me crazy.  I've found myself asking the same questions multiple times and I'm sure our volunteers are wondering what's going on with their fearless leader.  The realtor just called and asked if I could accommodate a house showing at 8:45 pm tonight!!  8:45 in the evening????  I'm in jammies watching reruns of Mad Men by then.  Who the hell wants to buy a house at 8:45????   At some point, I need to be "off the clock", right?

I'm trying to remember that these are First World Problems.  I not only own a house, but I own two.  I have air conditioning and a car to drive.  I need to refocus on the animals that I've promised to help and protect.  That makes me happiest.  Right now, I need some "happy"  :)


Yidchick said...

I hear ya about lots of people wanting the same kitten. The other day, a lady offered her visa # to hold the cat until she could pick up the kitty a few days later, she didn't like the fact she was not the first person to respond.. it was an orange little fluff ball kitty, I still got an inquiry about the lil guy two days after he was adopted!

Random Felines said...

we say take 5 minutes and kiss a won't make the problems go away, but it helps. :) I will never understand the "I must have THAT cat" issue - in some cases based only on a picture. Keep the faith!!

Caroline said...

When your life settles down, why not get David to host a fundraising bridge tournament at the new house? Cater with Pickel Barrel sandwiches and raise money for your rescue?

Anonymous said...

I couldnt have said it any better to be honest! keep up the awesome work. You are very talented & I only wish I could write as good as you do :) …