Monday, July 16, 2012

Early Week Updates

We had a volunteer out at the "high kill" shelter over the weekend and rescued a couple of cute kittens.  I always have to brace myself for rescues from this place because each cat rescued means that the cost of their care will exceed the adoption fee that I receive.  One was already sneezing on the way home.  *sigh* 

The volunteer stopped at my house on her way home to pick up some medication for the kitten, since I always have a stockpile of antibiotics.  I peered into the carrier at the little faces and was glad they were safe.  It's so easy to forget about these innocent animals since I haven't been to that shelter in some time. 

Apparently, they are still killing little families of kittens and adults as the shelter is very overcrowded.  We tried to rescue several others that were on their site, but sadly, they were already dead.  Our volunteer was told that they're putting in air conditioning in the shelter in October.  They told me that LAST year.  Apparently, there's a rumour that they are taking one of the back rooms in the shelter to put 12 adult cats to (ultimately) be available for adoption to the PUBLIC.  If it's true, it's a good start. 

If I sound skeptical, it's because I am.  I want to be wrong - really badly. 

I received a call from the public asking for help with a pregnant Mom cat that was left in an apartment building.  The couple love cats but couldn't take the cat into their home for a variety of reasons.  Sadly, the superintendent of the apartment building took the pregnant Mom cat to the "high kill shelter".  When the neighbour called the shelter to check on her, he found she had delivered her kittens that same day AND would be euthanized Tuesday (tomorrow).

He was desperate.  Maybe he was the one that unknowingly took her to the "high kill" shelter.  We'll never know. 

I didn't have space for a new Mom cat, so I did something that I don't do very often - I called a larger rescue and asked if they had space.  Many thank you's to Toronto Cat Rescue who came forward to save this little family's lives.  As I type this, they have not been rescued, but a foster home has been located and the neighbour who cares has offered to help with transport.

David and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary today.  I think about that crazy guy that I fell in love with that wasn't really into cats and now sleeps with 4 of them -  I couldn't do this without his daily love and support.  What a great life we have!


Caroline said...

Happy Anniversary Beth and David! Kudos to TCR for taking the kittens and their Mom!

Sparkle said...

Happy anniversary, and great loads of good kitty karma to you!

Tina said...

Happy Anniversary Beth! My hubby wasn't sure if he liked cats and now he's the softy wanting to keep all our foster!! So far we've only adopted 2 of our foster kitties (sisters) but I know if I wanted another he'd be on board in a heartbeat. We are lucky to have guys that love cats as much as we do! Congrats to you both :-)

Chrissykat said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. Any man who sleeps with four kitties is a keeper for sure. Nice to read that at least one little family is saved amongst the masses that are not so lucky.

~*Connie*~ said...

Happy Anniversary

Emsworth Girl said...

Happy anniversary beth coming home from vacation will take a foster soon

Random Felines said...

Happy Aniversary....and good job and reaching out to help that new family. :)