Friday, July 06, 2012


It isn't easy to distract me from our rescue.  Illness, surgeries and divorce has never changed anything in the way I follow up with foster parents or adopters.  But the latest real estate fiasco on our home has caused such distress that I'm finding doing normal stuff very difficult!

Yes, we had an accepted offer on our house.  However, our real estate agent had neglected to put in the listing (even though we told her) some important information about our 100+ year old home.  Sadly, the agent realized her error too late and now our buyer is in a panic and doesn't want the house.  We're in limbo for another 5 days until she can formally decide.  To add to the drama the buyer left for Cuba.  I'm furious that somebody that is representing ME could be so neglectful. 

The contractor who is doing the renovations on our new (140+ year old) home has discovered some problems.   It's like something out of an HGTV segment! 

After he groggily woke up at 2 pm, my 21 year old son asked me  "Why are YOU in such a BAD mood??"


Yes, I'm distracted, but the adoption lines are still being answered and calls are being returned.  I'm grateful that we're not living in the home with the renovations so everything seems relatively normal otherwise.  The cats are nonplussed about the drama that doesn't really effect them at all. 

Parker & Thomas
Looks like I'm not the only one distracted:

Thankfully, this blog has come through for me again and has allowed me to vent - I feel much better!!  It'll all get better soon!   Happy Friday :)


Debbie said...

Everything crossed in hopes the house deal goes through!
Is that the tailless chippy or just one of his friends??
Stay cool !

Deb said...

I feel for you. We are at the beginning of building a new home and we are also running into issues that are keeping us from moving forward. You are at the mercy of so many people and their 'schedules' when dealing with real estate and contractors. Oh boy,,,and it is the hottest day ever today here in CP, Ont. I'm just happy to be busy with cat-sitting to take my mind off of all the house decisions. Good luck and I hope this weekend turns a corner for you in your home sale. Deb

Anya Rae said...

Hang on in there, life just happens sometimes but it'll get better!!! Who are these cute boys by the way? Adorable.

Alasandra, The Cats and A Dog said...

Good luck with the house drama. For some reason something always seems to go wrong when buying/selling a house. We were called the day we were suppose to close on our home and told there was a problem. Luckily I was able to get it taken care of before we meet to close because the former owners of our home were trying to weasel out of the contract.

Lory and Co. said...

Sorry to hear about the house trouble... As a realtor and an owner of a 140+ year old home myself, I know those clauses are extremely important! But glad to hear the adoptions are still going strong - will likely need to Sasha to that list!

Anonymous said...

I noticed a number of rescues reduce the adoption fee on cats 8 months and over during peak kitten season - have you considered doing that seeing as you are not in pet smart this month?

Renee said...

I sympathize, Beth. But some perspective... my mother arrived at her new home on moving day to find that the previous people were still living there. It was a foreclosure, and they weren't feeling super-cooperative. When they did leave, the place was so filthy that she threw out all the appliances, and it took a professional cleaning lady over 4 hours just to clean the bathroom. (She later found that during renovations, they'd had a support beam cut through rather than divert a pipe, and the bathroom vented directly into the attic). Her lawyer tried to bill her for the work he did getting the previous people out, to which she replied with her own invoice for her costs, since it was his negligence in not checking for a lien. Real estate is chaos. I hope yours is cleaned up nicely and quickly!

Caroline said...

Good luck on the house sale, I think there are always hiccups along the way but keep in mind that this too shall pass. :)