Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Seeing it Through

Sometimes with all the rescuing and manging I do, I forget to write about other important things that happen every day within a rescue.

Right now, we have a foster parent tube feeding a cat who had stopped eating.   Tube feeding isn't really that horrible, but I'm sure it's not what the foster parent considers an enjoyable part of fostering.  But the foster Mom is doing it anyway - she's taking this on and is going to see it through.  What a victory it will be to watch this little cat go to her Forever Home one day!

We have foster parents medicating, wiping cat butts, squiring eye drops into unhappy, wriggling cats...all for the love of cat rescue.   I often wonder what foster parents give up in order to do what they do. 

Right now we have a kitten who is fighting for her life.  Little Kallie:
Kallie's foster Mom has been feeding this little girl with an eyedropper every 2 hours for the past week.  I'm cautious when I say "it's a miracle that this kitten has survived."  She's survived for many reasons - but the loving, diligent foster Mom is one of the primary reasons Kallie is still alive.  Certainly THIS isn't what the foster Mom thought would be the fun part about fostering.  Her foster Mom sounds exhausted, but continues to do whatever is necessary.   
Every time Kallie's foster Mom calls me, I hold my breath - certain that this is "the call" where I hear that Kallie has passed away.  But she hasn't.  She's holding on despite it all.  Kallie might not survive - but her foster Mom isn't going to go down without a fight.

After yesterday's post, I received a lot of lovely accolades for the rescue.  Believe me - NONE of this would be possible without unselfish volunteers who came forward and were willing to help these discarded cats.  I spent the evening prior to the rescue in email and phones contacting other rescues to find space within their organization.  (I would've put a million dollar a year salesman to shame.)

Despite rescuing 19 cats yesterday, I ended up forgetting one guy:
Poor Fritz!  I wouldn't have remembered, but his foster Mom contacted me this morning.."Umm..Beth, I read your blog and I didn't see that Fritz had been rescued!"  Poor guy!  I scrambled out the door this morning and picked him up.  Lots of apologies and kisses for Fritz!    
I think Fritz would have a few things to say to me about "Seeing it through...."


Kea said...

The boys are purring hard for Kallie. We all understand that not everyone can be saved, but universal blessings to the foster mom for doing everything in her power to give this little one a chance.

And look at Fritz! He's just gorgeous, stunning. Poor boy. His sweet appearance reminds me of my "angel" Chumley. I hope he finds a wonderful forever home!

Debbie said...

When you see Fritz's picture, you don't realize how big he is!!
He is one happy boy :)
Thanks for rescuing him !

Anonymous said...

The foster parents that do those things you mentioned are truly amazing people. With wonderful hearts. I did this too for a while and had many heartbreaks, which is why I can't do it anymore. The courage and perseverance of these foster families always amazes me. There is a lot you give up to work this hard, but the pay off is like winning a lottery, even if it's only for "one little kitten".

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

I was almost turned down to be a foster the first time I applied, why, because I was young and they figured I would get tired of the daily grind, lack of party time and the basic daily grind. It took six months of volunteering, showing up every day and doing all the icky, stinky, dirty, literally, crap jobs that no one else wanted to do. But, the rewards for all that work make it so worth it. If you've never fostered a litter of babies that need feeding, cleaning, help with pooping and who you may lose any way you've not felt that wondrous feeling when they all survive and go to forever homes! I'll bet Fritz has forgiven you already.

Karen said...

Beth thanks for the vote of confidence.... I have been so scared for little Kalli. As you know the odds were against her on Monday. When I left the vet I was angry, sad and felt like i needed to punch something....
-Why a disease that can't be fought???
-Why don't people take better care of their animals??
-Why can't I find someone to blame for this rotten disease??

So i sat with her against my chest all night and into the morning stroking her back sobbing my heart out and begging the LORD to give her a hand.

Kalli and GOD must have had a chat because the little gal fought all thru the night and the next day.

The "tired" is what we fosters give to the fight...(that and our tears) but at the moment I am smiling because Kalli is walking around the bed I have her in downstairs.

She is terribly emaciated and wobbles at the second step or so but she is walking. The little gal is looking around with her great big blue eyes open....

Everything is worth a look into those blue eyes....

Dare I hold the thought that she might make it??? Oh I am so afraid in case it isn't true... The foster parents that come for this little gal.... they are going to have to be something VERY VERY SPECIAL...

Baby keep fightin!!!

Deb said...

That poor sweet little Kallie. Every day must give the foster mom hope for her. She is in my thoughts. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

Caroline said...

Best wishes for Kali to pull through she sounds like a fighter. Was she alone or did she have littermates? A Mom? If it is URI you might want to check the web for homeopathic options, some ppl swear by them. I am so glad Fritz wasn't forgotten when I started reading that post I feared for the worst, Beth you could write thrillers! Thanks to the shelter staff for not euthing him before Beth could rescue him. He looks just like my party foster girl Bella!

~*Connie*~ said...

I've done tube feeding in the past, and I have to say it is a great relief when I can tube as opposed to trying to force food in a kitten who doesn't want to or can't swallow. Makes feedings go so much quicker as well.

More purrs for Karen and Kalli as well. With someone fighting as hard as you are Karen, Kalli has the best possible chance of making it. Give her kisses and belly stimulation from me.