Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The "One Kitten" Update!

It figures that after yesterday's blog post that I would receive an adoption call about my own foster kitten "Max".  The lady sounded very lovely and only wanted ONE kitten.  Suddenly, it was time to put my heart where my mouth is.  Max is the type of kitten that parties with all the cats.  He's always frollicking with somebody, but never cuddles with any of them.  My heart was beating so fast as I was listening to this woman talk about her past cats. 

Suddenly, I heard THE words:  "Our vet is very good and will also be doing the declaw surgery..."

I was off the hook!  She was going to declaw and no matter what I said to convince her otherwise, she would declaw my little Max. 

The right home will come up for my little boy.  For now...he's happy with me - and my cats.

Anybody who reads this blog knows I don't believe in coincidences.  But I thought it was strange to get that adoption call almost immediately after my last blog post....


My little BONDED pair "Spring" and "Sprout" were adopted today:

A home.  Together. Forever.

I was thrilled receiving all the input from other people from my last blog post.  I read every word and really appreciated everybody taking the time to post a response. 


Josie said...

Congrats to Spring and Sprout!

Kudos for you. It is sad when there are 'well meaning' individuals out there but do not understand.

I find myself frustrated at times...I have come across too many people who are good people, but when it comes to pets do not 'get it'. A friend of mine is refusing to spay his kitty for fear her personality will change drastically. Another was balking at the amount it might cost to get a urinalysis done on her cat because of inappropriate urination.


Thank you for all you do, you are an amazing person. I hope I can do some of the same good you are doing :)

Karen said...

YEah for spring and sprout... They are such cuties...

It is a tough decision to make whether to let one kitty go by himself.. Glad you got an easy out on that one.

Already the little kittens that I foster have personalities. Bugsy as i call her is a people cat. She will likely be fine on her own or with others. She seeks out whomever is there and will leave her litter mate to run to me when I come in (only 4 weeks old). Kara loves her brother and cuddles with him....maybe a pair?? Too soon to be sure. Chance is still a little timid over all but is seeking out both kitties and humans. They are all dolls and I just hope that I feel a connection when the time comes to give them to good families....

Keep up the good work

Kea said...

Hurray for Spring and Sprout! I hope they have long and happy, healthy lives together. :-)

And kudos for not adopting to this woman who would declaw. I can't understand why vets in North America do this, when it's banned in other areas of the world. It's mutilation, plain and simple. If you don't want a cat with claws, buy a stuffed toy cat. Seriously.

Kathie said...

Oh fantastic! I always ask adopters if they mention declawing how they would like to have their fingers removed at the first joint and then get arthritis when they are older. I am totally against declawing and also cropping dogs ears! I have 2 cats who are declawed in front but they came to me as adults and the dastardly deed had already been done. You go Beth!

Laurette said...

I am the lucky person who adopted "Spring" and "Sprint". They didn't need much of an adjustment time at all. They still remain nameless, although she is calm and he is crazy. I was thinking of "Holy" "Shit" for names...... They are too cute and we are enjoying them completely. Thank you for the wonderful service you provide Beth. I will make sure that all pet lovers know of the good you do!!!!

House of the Discarded said...

Laurette: Thank you! I think the names "Holy" & "Shit" are perfect! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

As much as I hate the very idea of declawing, doesn't this sort of lead to the same argument in your Monday post about letting single kittens go to homes? Would a cat rather be dead than be declawed in an otherwise loving home? (Just playing devil's advocate here.)

I am so happy Spring and Sprout are safe together in their new home! They are just too adorable for words.

House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: Valid point!!

Anonymous said...

I must agree. I adopted a single kitten in my late teens. At that time, all vets recommended declawing as the thing to do. I went ahead and had it done.

While I'm now educated and understand what actually occurs during declawing (don't forget information was not as readily available as it is now on the internet)my cat has lived the life. He has never wanted for high quality foods, vet care despite any costs and he has had a life full of love, cuddles and much affection. I think this goes back to your post Beth on people's ages and whether we can assume they are responsible enough to take good care at a young age when we tend to be flighty and unsettled and certainly not financially stable. A true animal lover will find a way to keep their cat and provide all it needs to live a long happy life. Better a much loved and adored declawed and single kitty than a statistic.
Keep up the amazing work!