Thursday, April 21, 2011

It Feels Like a Friday

Yesterday, I spent the better part of the day moving my 20 year old son BACK home after he had moved out 4 months ago.  (yippee.)  It's funny how life takes these turns.  Kids leaving with a vow to never move back to the "old folks house".  It was a horrible day moving already junky furniture in the freezing rain from his apartment, into our basement.

I admit that I was really relieved to get back to MY life today. 

It's amazing the ingenuity that foster parents come up with regarding sick cats.  We often get cats from the shelter with an Upper Respiratory Virus.  One of the remedies I suggest to help with congestion is to put a cat for 20 minutes in a warm steamy room (shower runnning).  It worked when my kids were little and it works for stuffy cats too.  One of our foster Moms came up with a great idea to steam a stuffy cat with a warm air humidifier:

I wonder how much water I wasted with MY way over the years?  Anyway - thought I'd share. 

Skunk Girl has a name! Her new name is "Violet" and she looks like she's in heaven in her foster home:
(I can't figure out why my photo software didn't rotate the picture properly - for some reason, it won't set!)
But doesn't she look HAPPY?

Our other sad little boy "Ian" looks pretty happy with his situation too:

It's hard to believe that this is the same sad cat:

I can almost count the minutes to his future adoption.  Somebody is going to fall head over heels with this guy.

Tomorrow is a rescue day despite the shelter being closed.  The staff still has to go in and feed/clean the animals.  There are some cuties there and I'm anxious to get them out.  I've been making phone calls today to see if I can secure foster space. 

Today is the kind of day that I need to go back and read some of my happier blog posts and encouraging emails.  I had to make a decision about a cat today that I wish somebody else could be responsible for.  I'm very blessed to have foster parents that encourage me and keep me lifted despite it all. 


Anonymous said...

When using the steam set-up, you MUST leave a few airholes unblocked, and check frequently to make sure the carrier doesn't get too hot. Just wanted to make sure nobody poached a kitty.

Those kitties look so happy! Violet is gorgeous. So glad they got out.


House of the Discarded said...

Renee: LOL! Thank you for the clarification. I should've posted THAT part too!


Kea said...

Very creative steamer!

"Violet" is a lovely name, and suits that sweetheart perfectly. She looks so happy in her foster home. As does darling Ian. I'm already half in love with him...LOL. But no, I'm not adopting again, not ready to (emotionally or financially) and might never be ready. However, I *am* sending them Light that they find wonderful forever homes!

Anonymous said...

I hope one of those 'cuties' is Randy. He looks adorable.

Lory and Co. said...

Violet is a pleasure to foster and doesn't mind that we haven't finished installing baseboard or painting the door in the washroom Lol! She is a sweetheart!

Random Felines said...

Violet and Ian look very content. No doubt someone will fall for them soon.

We smiled at the poached cat comment. Mom saw similar set ups when she visited Best Friends - they use humidifiers and nebulizers is carriers the same way!!

elle said...

Another reason to get a warm humidifier, that's ingenious. I was also doing the shower thing, hehe.