Monday, April 18, 2011


I received a wonderful email this afternoon from one of our foster parents who is fostering "Betsy" and her beautiful litter of 6 babies.  (I'm posting her email with her permission):

"I was home sick with sinus infection since Wednesday and feeling really crappy. The little ones are more playful  each day but I wanted to stay away from them – I keep my own kids at bay when I’m sick.

Well no matter what I was doing, no one, not even Betsy listened (she is still a bit reserved towards everyone but I think this comes from protecting the little ones). As I lay on the couch listening to some music, Betsy at first sat beside the couch and kind of looked at me with question on her face “are you alright?” and when I spoke to her assuring her that everything will be fine, she jumped on top of my blanket and lied down on my legs. Soon after, Charlie (one of the kittens) started to climb up the couch- can you believe it ? - and after 2 attempts he made it and crawled right to my chest and fell asleep.

On Thursday, the scenario was similar only this time it was Charlie and Chelsea that kept me company and even though I have put them down several times they insisted on sleeping on the couch with me rather than with their siblings.

There is definitely lots of love in those little guys."

I could've probably skipped the entire email and just posted the last sentence. Yes, there's certainly a lot of love in those little guys! The little family was taking care of their foster Mom - instead of the other way around.  Gratitude?

"Betsy" and family

" Chelsea, Cloud and Cassandra" I hate to admit that I get all teary-eyed when I see this picture. These three make me happy just to look at them.

This email reminds me how intuitive our little furry friends can be.  One of my cats went through my divorce with me almost 10 years ago and she never left my side.  She still never leaves my side.  I remember crying into her neck so the kids couldn't hear me. 

Tomorrow, I'm going to the shelter.  It's odd when I don't go on a Monday, but I was stuck in traffic court with my son, and a doctor's appointment for myself this afternoon.  I couldn't quite squeeeeeeze it in.  But I'm hopeful for a good rescue day tomorrow!

Would be happy to post a few of your "animal intution" stories....


Yidchick said...

I honestly believe animals know when you need them the most. My mom is only 56 and has dementia, already she is in the middle stages..its so hard, esp after I talk to her and end up crying after, because its hard to accept this is how will be from now on. Today I spoke to my mom and it was not a good day for her..I ended up crying my eyes out, and my older cat who is 3, just knew, and came to spend some time with me. he is usually not a lap cat.. he is usually a reserved kitty..

Alison said...

Cat inutition is a funny thing. One of my cats is not a lap cat. He will come near so he can be adored but he's not one for snuggling. One day I was home in bed feeling wretched and he came up onto the bed and lay down on my chest and stomach (Ned is a long cat) and sat there like my own personal hot water bottle for hours. His magic worked and I felt much better - both physically and mentally. He's back to his normal ways but I will never forget his kindness.

Kea said...

Annie always knew when I was sick or upset and would come and snuggle up beside me. She slept beside me every night for a month in Nov/Dec 2005 when I was in a really bad way, barely sleeping and having a lot of suicidal thoughts. I will swear on my death bed that she never left my side for all those nights. She stayed with me through Christmas night, but then Boxing Day night, when my immediate crisis had passed, she didn't join me--and she never joined me again for a full night again.

I miss her so much, I can't even tell you how much. Even in January, when I was so worried about her and was curled up on the living room floor, sobbing my guts out and pleading to the universe/god/whatever, she came to me.

The boys, however, are clueless. LOL.

Kirstie said...

The girl I fell in love with moved away, back to BC, ending our 2 year relationship. Worse that we still loved each other, but circumstances pulled us apart. I dropped her off at the airport and came home and was sitting in my empty apartment crying, and I heard this meowing... outside in the hallway was this thin scruffy orange tom cat, looking as alone as I was feeling. I brought him in and knocked on doors, but no one knew him. I spent that night (and several more) crying into his fur, and he's been mine ever since. I looked for his owners, but I think some students just left him out when they moved away. Oskar pulled me through that summer and will be with me for many more.

Lory and Co. said...

When my first pet ever, a buff and white boy cat named Gigi, passed last summer in my arms I was devastated. But that night, and for a good week after, my aloof diva of a princess calico Bella wouldn't leave my side. She would follow me around the house and just sit near me, watching me as if she was trying to keep me company as awkward as it was for her. I felt she knew I was in pain and was just keeping an eye on me to make sure I was ok. She has since returned to her diva ways, and has not quite forgiven me for deciding to foster again, in Gigi's memory, but I know that despite her superstar antics, deep down inside she loves me , lol.

Robyn :) said...

I call my sweet little boy "Nurse Scout" when I am sick because he always comes and sits by me or on me to make me feel better :)

Allison at Novice Life said...

Animals absolutely know! My hound is constantly at my side when I am sick, sad or scared. And my is truly amazing to watch how they just know your moods day in and out.

Laura HP said...

That is the sweetest story Beth!

Whenever I'm sick, my cockatiel will sleep on my chest, pressed against my face - a little uncomfortable but I appreciate the gesture!
After a loss in my family, however, I was very upset, and like always, my Loki cuddled up against me. To my amazement, my lovebird joined her, cuddling up and chirping at me. That lovebird was severely abused before us, and while he now trusts us at least, he is never affectionate or snuggly - he prefers not to be touched. But that one time, he came through for me, even though I didn't ask or expect him to.
One of the many reasons I will never NOT have animals :)