Monday, May 05, 2008

Where's a Fork to Stick In My Eye?

I feel like dowsing myself in gasoline and lighting a match. Really. Today just plain sucked.

The first e-mail of the day started with news of an adoption! I love those, and I got into my shower this morning with a great attitude and a beautiful sunny Monday morning waiting for me to join it.

The day went downhill after that....

My first phone call of the day was someone wanting to "surrender" her 9 (NINE!!!) black cats. None of them were spayed or neutered. She lives in an apartment and a neighbour called animal control on her due to odour. (uh huh...I bet her place is a male-cat-pee love fest) She was crying and saying she didn't want to lose her cats. She wasn't a bad person. Just ignorant. Maybe I could take a couple of her black cats...*put it on the to do list*

I had my whole day planned out to spend part of it at one of the Petsmart locations where we were to start placing cats for adoption in their adoption centre. The animal control that's supposed to share with us, refused to move their cats. (that's a whole different post - what a nutcase!) Believe me, my situation isn't half as bad as the sweet volunteer who is keeping SIX of the cats that were supposed to go there today in her home. Now she's stuck with them until this can be sorted out. No good deed goes unpunished...

One of our foster homes told me she received a call today that our sweet "Jelly Bean" is being returned to us. The reason? "She wants too much attention." (Mental Note: Don't be too needy when David comes home from work tonight.)

I got an e-mail from a long time foster parent that was hurt, mad, upset at me for forgetting to ask about a sick cat that they have been fostering. It's a very very sick cat with a major heart problem. They took the poor guy to the vets at their expense (bless 'em) and I totally forgot to ask about the outcome of the visit. She was pretty mad at me for not supporting her.

Revenue Canada is obviously mad at me too. I forgot to file the return for the rescue. God, I haven't even balanced my bank statement, how on earth am I going to file a return for last year? WHEN am I going to do it?

How can I forget about the sick cat and my tax return, but I managed to remember to place an ad in the newspaper for the upcoming adoption event? I don't know. I'm running a 100+ volunteer organization and I'm only one person. D-- and J-- are doing their part and scrambling just like I am. I wish people would remember that my rescue day starts at 8:00 a.m., and ends at 10 p.m. I don't get paid, and I'm really never "off the clock". Even in Switzerland, I'm calling D-- to make sure everything is ok.

This wasn't the worst day in the world. Nobody died. The meatloaf was overcooked tonight because I was on the phone with an adopter, but we ate it anyway and nobody complained. My son that works at Starbucks is going to bring me home some "treats" tonight when he closes the store. I think some chocolate, sugar, and empty calories are just what I need tonight.

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