Thursday, May 01, 2008

Back In The Saddle

What kind of weirdo takes pictures of other people's cats while she's on holidays in Switzerland? Yes, I took pictures of two very cute Swiss kitties that were sitting out sunning themselves on a balcony. I made a complete fool out of myself - kissing noises, and secretly wishing they'd come down to the ground to say "hi". I was missing my cats and needed a "kitty fix" bad! David walked away and pretended like he didn't know me. Can't blame him.

So the house was still in one piece when I arrived home. My 17 year old son took care of "the crew" and mildly complained that there was some sort of cat event every 2 or 3 hours - Medicating cats, cleaning litterboxes, treat time, etc.. (*snicker*) There was the usual dried cat food on the kitchen counter that nobody bothered to wipe up, and some dried barf on the stairs . Seriously, my sons live like animals while I'm away. If they had tried to lure girls into the house in our absence, I'm sure the girls would have fled in horror after seeing the living conditions. At least the cat boxes were scooped - there IS that.

I always enjoy getting caught up on the rescue stuff after being away. We had a bunch of adoptions and I had the sad news that an entire litter of kittens died due to an upper respiratory infection. I wish I had been home to give comfort to the grieving foster Mom. Fortunately, D-- was here and had experienced the helpless feeling of losing kittens one by one and was able to comfort her. Life goes on, I guess. But sometimes it still hurts.

I came home to 327 e-mails in my Inbox. It took me a few minutes to figure out that half of them were for Viagara and Penis enlargements. I may have other problems, but I'm ok in the penis department, thankyouverymuch. (my apologies to my children who often read my blog)

Good bye to Switzerland ... thank you for not letting me see any lost cats. I don't think I could've left them behind.

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Social Mange said...

*LOLOL* Go to Switzerland...forget the mountains, the chocolate, the watches....look for the cats! *grin*

And the tales of woe from the kids...TOO BAD! It's karma, man. What goes around, comes around. Like a mother sometimes thinks, "Wait till you have your own...may your children be to you exactly as you were to me" *LOLOL*

Sad to hear about the litter...the wee tykes don't stand a chance sometimes *sigh*.