Friday, May 09, 2008

Guilt and a Beautiful Day

With a twinge of guilt, I spent a good portion today in my yard gardening. It was good medicine to be outside on a crisp spring day and digging my hands into the earth. My front yard looks beautiful now...full of flowers. I periodically came inside and checked phone messages, returned calls and e-mails. I went to the nursery twice to buy more flowers and cut the extension cord in half while trimming hedges. (Crud!)

So why do I feel so guilty for not really working on rescue stuff today? Everybody had prompt returned phone calls and e-mails. Could I really be a "rescue work-a-holic"? My kids have confronted me a few times about "always being on the phone." They're teenagers and I think they have a lot of nerve to suggest that I'm on the phone too much. Just because I'm not at their beckon call...but I digress...

My office is located in my basement. It's a really nice basement, so I never feel like I'm working in squalor or anything. But on a beautiful day, I really fight being down in the dark. In the winter, I'm probably much more efficient. The rescue phone line rings at my desk, which I'm very proud to say that we're one of the few rescues where somebody actually answers the phone!

I took the cordless rescue phone outside with me while I worked. It was kind of neat to be answering the phone,(insert perky voice here) "Good morning, Blah...blah...blah, Rescue..." while I was planting flowers. I'd have to scurry inside when someone asked about a particular cat because my computer and files are downstairs. It worked beautifully until some teeny bopper drove by playing some "rap crap" while I was on the phone. Lord, I sound 86 - not 46.

Tomorrow, I'm not attending our adoption event. I'm excited to say that David and I are working on the BACK yard tomorrow and having some much needed marital bonding. I'll still answer the phones and e-mails, but not without guilt that I'm not at the adoption event. I have to do an adoption on Sunday, so my day off is going to be short-lived.

I hope it rains on Sunday...

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Social Mange said...

Good for you! You have to get away from the rescue stuff on a regular basis, or you burn out. Rescue burnout is quite common. Go, enjoy the day, Satuday looks like it's going to be a beauty!