Thursday, April 24, 2014


We've all been working overtime for the big Petsmart National Adoption Weekend.  Usually, this means "hoarding" cats for the event and pray that they're not all adopted BEFORE the event so that we don't have to start over.

Crazy thinking, isn't it?

I've been spending a lot of time in the car rescuing cats from private parties who want to dump them for various reasons.  God, how I hate to go to people's homes and rescue cats.  I'm a bit of a voyeur, so I find it interesting to see how people live, but it's very difficult for me to  remain quiet and respectful while in somebody else's home at the same time they're acting like idiots.

I just picked up 3 kittens that some guy was threatening to "get rid of".  I always make provisions to help the Mom cat - "do they want to keep her?  Do they want help to get her spayed?" - but this time when I inquired about the sweet black Mom cat rubbing around my legs the man said, "Nahhhh....we want to get rid of her too."

I glanced  at David who always comes out with me for safety reasons.  She's a nice Mom cat and there's an unneutered  young Dad cat in the house, so they'll never get him fixed.  (Husband thinks it's unnatural)  So I picked up the Mom cat who was purring in my arms.

That's when it happened...

The 3 year old little boy in the house squeals and makes the usual noise a 3 year old boy makes and the Mom cat goes bizerk and leaps from my hands and out of sight.  She scratched my chest and arms pretty badly as she tried to get away from the little boy. The Dad shrugged and said, "my son has been mean to her for her whole life.  That's why we want to get rid of her, because she's mean to our son"

David touched my arm.  That means to shaddap, get the kittens, and get out.  But it just wasn't that easy for me.  This son-of-a-bitch allowed his kid to torture this Mom cat for the past 2 years and it's the CAT that is losing her home because of it.  Stupid, stupid, people.

I gently told the man, "One of the best gifts I've ever given my children was the ability to be respectful to our family pets.  They've grown into wonderful, gentle, animal loving adults."

He didn't understand and I couldn't find the Mom cat.   My offer still stands to call me if he can corral the Mom cat.  But he won't.  It's easier just to let her outside.

I hate him and his little brat too.


Debbie said...

Just gotta ask..........why do idiots get cats ????(or dogs)
then why do the same idiots think a rescue should bail them out.
Glad you got the kittens, maybe the ass will call and you can rescue the sweet Mom too
Good job!

Darlene said...

Wow. Words fail me. I hate them too.

Anonymous said...

Be a little pro active - drive by, pop in and tell him you were just in the neighbourhood... would he like you to take the cat?

I would not have been able to hold my tongue either...

Caroline said...

Words fail me. You did your best, good job! Depending on how far away the moron lives, anonymous's suggestion may work. Sounds like the whole family needs neutering!

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

Good for you for saying something that wasn't YOU IDIOT!!

I so hope they call you..

Everycat said...

I hope they call you to come get the poor Mummy cat.

It's reassuring to know that idiots are still reproducing and ensuring further generations grow up believing it's ok to hurt animals and treat them like disposable commodoties.

Big hug for you, that is hard to go in to these situations.

Kerry said...

What a despicable man. I'm so sad for that cat and am hoping you or one of your team can return to that hellhole and get her. Thank you for all that you do.