Monday, January 20, 2014

What About Doug?

I've decided that all dog rescuers are completely insane.  How's THAT for a ridiculous generalization?

The dog rescue that we've been with wants to take Doug away from us.  Apparently, they have an adopter interested in him.  I told them a month ago that we wanted to adopt Doug, but since the Foster Coordinator didn't acknowledge the email, they went ahead and put 10+ year old Doug on their website as 6 year old Doug and they don't care about anything but their reputation with the adoption applicant.

The Facebook messaging went something like this:  (Edited for length and to keep the privacy of the moron who I'm messaging.)

Hi Beth,
Hope you are well, I need to have your contact info as we now have a completed application, home visit for Doug.
thank you

I told K*** that we were hoping to adopt him ourselves. He loves us I never heard back from her, and figured we were good.
Uh oh!!! I'm so sorry. What happened to K****? I haven't heard from her in ages. As an administrator of an animal rescue, I drives me crazy when foster parents wait until there's an adopter interested before declaring they want to adopt the pet themselves. I'm so sorry!

K*** is still around. I will be proceeding with the application Beth, I am sorry! What information would you like me to provide to them so they can contact you to set up the meet and greet?

Why is that, T***? Doug is very happy with us and our other dog Sadie.

Beth is looks very bad on us that we have completed the application, home visit etc and then turn around and waste the time and say.. Oh the foster is going to adopt. This is something you would not tolerate from your own rescue. So please let me have your information so I can provide it to the family that is over the moon excited about Doug.

T***y, in our foster home based rescue, our foster parents DO get first pick to adopt. I would NEVER pry a cat away - who is settled and wanted in their foster home. Furthermore, I told K*** quite a while ago via email (right before the dental) that we wanted to adopt.

Well that is your policy. Like I said I am going through with this application, so I can come and pick doug up and do the meet and greet or you can?

(More bullshit messages back and forth - by this time, I'm hysterically sobbing at the computer)

Beth TurnerIn other words, you're willing to pry Doug from a home he loves with people who love him? He sleeps between me and my husband every night. You're more worried about what your potential adopters think of HBR than what's best for the dog? Seriously? are not adopting Doug, I make the decision. And he will be going to another family

Are we unsuitable adopters?

Beth i am really not wishing to argue with you, if you are not going to cooperate with me then I will have no choice then to come and get him and move him asap. We do not expect this kind of behaviour from our foster homes and will not tolerate it.

(Note: At this point, I offer to DOUBLE the adoption fee, she asks for correspondence that I no longer have and calls me a liar.)

Sure, I understand what a pain in the ass it is when a foster parent waits to adopt until an adopter is interested. It happened to me last week! You call the adopter and say sheepishly, "Oops...let me help you choose another cat." The bottom line is, "What is best for the dog?" How many times does Doug have to start over????

At this point, I have no idea what's going to happen. David and I aren't speaking over this, because he always defaults to contractual agreements and I think with my heart. He wants to keep Doug and loves Doug, but he's too Canadian to fight for him.

I, however, am not Canadian and have called a lawyer.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!!! That is ridiculous!!!!! Are you kidding me????? *These* people call themselves a rescue???? From what I understand, the meet and greet hasn't happened, so what's wrong with saying to these people "you know what folks, really, really sorry. Human error. His current foster family indicated that they wanted to adopt him and we didn't process it correctly. I know it's awful but the little guy is really settled there and we would be a bad rescue if we uproot him. As dog people, you understand that, right? "
Cue the new adopters nodding sagely and saying "absolutely! We are happy to be dealing with a rescue that thinks of the dog first and then themselves. Could you help us find another dog?"

I am so angry (and honestly, very, very upset for you and Doug) at this rescue!

Are you in charge of the meet and greet with the proposed new family? Could you not say to them (when they contact you to set up a visit) that you really love him and that he loves you and sadie? Surely any dogliver would - at that point - say that you should keep him?

I am outraged and disappointed.

Cindy, sammy, bertie, malley, batman and garth

Connie said...

Such an outrage! Of course what is in 'Dougs' best interest should be considered! What in H*LL is wrong with the world today to have such un-caring people running a so called rescue. And they LIED. So NOT professional! Hope your lawyer (Canaddian) is able to show the law of 9/10 is still in good standing and always the welfare of an animal should be considered before the horrid self imposed determination of someone who is UNcapable of running a true rescue!
To me this is as bad when child abusers are granted custody of an innocent child - they pay the price for STUPID people - obviously so do sweet loving devoted animals.
Garbage - just garbage!

shannon said...

good luck Beth, I hope he gets to stay with you. They dont know what they are doing obviously

Renee said...

Outrageous. They're also *misrepresenting* Doug's age, which does not speak well to their respectability. I hope that the threat of a delay, if not actual litigation and BAD publicity, might persuade the rescue to direct the adopters to another dog. This is not smart of them. At all.

House of the Discarded said...

We originally thought he was about 6 years old, but the vet said that Doug was probably 10+ years old. The rescue just never changed it on his bio. Apparently, the adopters don't care that he's older. I really feel like this is a nightmare. I'm going to sleep on the sofa tonight - can't bear to sleep with him and bond any further.

Sparkle said...

I'm so sorry this is happening. Since I know nothing about dog rescues, I can't say if they are all crazy, but this one definitely is. :-(

Leah said...

That's horrible! When I used to screen potential adopters I made enough of my own calls telling people that we jokingly had another "foster failure". There's no need to uproot him again, poor guy! They're obviously not interested in what's best for Doug!

I can't get over that. Stand your ground. Especially since you had already contacted them earlier to let them know you were interested.

mrs peppum said...

"K" is absolutely right when she says "this looks bad on them" - When will some of these rescues -Dog AND Cat, realize that their volunteers are the ones that make it all happen - without them, no animals can be rescued. Volunteers should be treated as gems! God speed to you Beth - Doug NEEDS to stay with you!

Alison F. said...

:this whole situation is so unfair :(( I am so sorry beth :(

Falkosmom said...

So sorry for the heartache all of you are undergoing. It is so sad to do this to that poor old dog, he does not deserve this and it is not in his better interest.

I hope your lawyer can find a way to help you.

Judi said...

Makes me glad I got my dog from a cat rescue! They couldn't wait to get her off their hands! I think that some people are just plain nuts. I hope this works out for you. It is the best for Doug.

Sabrina & Co. said...

Hi Beth,

I can't believe this. How awful. I have sent a polite email to Homeward Bound Dog Rescue expressing my horror at their negligence and asking them to leave Doug where he is. If we all write to them, maybe they will back off, and save you legal bills!
They need to see that this is not acceptable and that they will look far worse ripping Doug away from you than helping the adopter (who hasn't even met Doug!?) find a new dog.

Caroline said...

Hi Beth,

I agree that dog is happy with you and the family and to uproot him would cause him and you some stress, however if you don't have a copy of the email with the middle person and you didn't complete an adoption application and mail in the cheque then technically it is your word against hers. I'm sure he will go to a nice family and maybe you are needed for another dog. As long as the new family checks out then I would probably let him go. Note to foster families, keep all emails and when you decide you want to adopt then fill out the forms and send in the cheque, right away. One can tell by looking at him that he isn't 6. I'm not trying to be mean, I think the world of your foster skills and your rescue. Just a different point from another foster Mom.

Crystal said...

A petition maybe...

Or perhaps you could reason with the adopters. Surely they would not feel good about removing Doug from his "family". You have a lot of people on your side Beth. Their dog rescue will not look credilbe at all if this goes public. Let us know how we can best help and support you and your family. This is insanely crazy and is making me sick to my stomach. Hugs to all of you

Tina said...

My heart breaks for you Beth! I have adopted some of my foster cats and have always known I get first dibs. Our rescue ALWAYS defaults to what is best for the pet regardless of what folks may think. In our opinion we are in this for the welfare of the animals not to please the public. We want them to have the best home possible. It only stands to reason if he's already happy in his foster home and the foster family wants him, then that is where he should be. It's sad that they are more concerned with their precious reputation than with what is best for Doug. Shame on them! We have honked off many an adopter in our day but in the end we have never regretted it because we are always doing what's best for the pet. The public will get over it or they won't. We don't have time to worry about their feelings. There are more animals to save! I hope someone comes to their senses and lets you keep Doug. Uprooting him for the sake of their reputation is very selfish on their part. It sounds like the person you are conversing with is on a power trip…."it's my decision." She needs to find a new profession! Good luck Beth :-)

Anonymous said...

I know the rescue you're talking about, and I've dealt with them before and had my suspicions then about their 'ethics' and the way they are run. I'm glad you've called a lawyer, but I think you should go to the newspapers, too!

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

*headdesk* seriously? What if they had taken two applications for the dog and the first just happened to work out prior to the second being completed??

I do not think it reflects badly on the rescue one little bit to say "I'm sorry, but he was just adopted" no matter how far long potential adopters are in the process. Unless they are sitting there about to sign papers with a check on the table because everything else checked out that is one thing, but they haven't even me the dog.

they are being unreasonable.. beyond unreasonable. and I don't doubt there is some compassion fatigue going on over there.. which really sucks because you have to pay the price.

Legally though, remember this is 'just a dog' and there is very very little recourse for the shelter. Pay the adoption fee and call it good. You are obviously a qualified adopter because they let you take him home to foster.. He can not come and 'take the dog' as that would be breaking and entering (because I do not see you letting him in the house)

I wish you luck. I hope cooler heads prevail in this, but if not I'm sure the lawyer will help.

T said...

I do like what Caroline said, maybe your heart and love is needed for another dog. I would be devastated if that happened to me, though. I cry like a child whenever my fosters go to their forever homes, never mind if I had already made up my mind to actually BE that forever home. In reading your exchange, it makes me wonder if the adoptive family is either a freind/relative or significant donator to this rescue organization. It just seems so ethically odd for a rescue organization to behave in such a way.
Look hard for the email you sent to K****.
Please sleep in bed with Dougie tonight. You on the sofa will make him think you don't want to be part of his pack anymore. Give him extra love and cuddles. I try to console myself that the dogs are going to awesome families. Perhaps Doug is needed to heal and help those folks? You just never know... good luck and many hugs...

Anonymous said...

I have imagined the names of those you blocked with the letters you provided and the length of the word. They're not very nice names from a nice Catholic girl. House of the discarded indeed. Another dogs life could have been saved had it not been for their personal agenda about getting revenge over a differing opinion. For shame. I'll forever support fhcr and forever speak badly about this one.