Thursday, January 23, 2014

Recovery Will Be Slow

First, I want to thank everybody for their outpouring of love and support over the loss of our dog "Doug" after the rescue we were volunteering with "Homeward Bound Rescue of Clarington" adopted him to another family despite our vehement objections.  The tragedy goes far deeper than just the loss of Doug.  I've always wondered how couples who have lost a child could turn on each other.  Now I understand.  David and I are blaming each other for the loss of Doug and Homeward Bound just gets to walk away from the mess with an adoption fee in hand.  I haven't slept well since he left and we're all very depressed.

Although I haven't felt much like it, we've still been rescuing.  "Carrying on" hasn't done much for me emotionally, but it's kept me out of the house and away from thinking about my little guy that loved us so much.

We rescued 13 cats the other day from a woman who was trying to be her own rescue and found herself unable to care for the cats properly.  She meant well and the cats were cared for, but having your own rescue isn't just about rescuing a shitload of cats.

Some faces of our more recent rescue:

The fluffy guy above was found with a missing leg and ear.  I can't even imagine what happened to him.  He had to be sedated to shave the matts out. You need money for that kind of rescuing.

Ah...those dear little faces that rely on us to do the right things for them.  I feel like I'm so close to crying all the time and wish it would go away.  I think the best thing I can do now is just to keep moving forward every single day.  I'm sure Homeward Bound Rescue is happy that I'm off their least for now.

I'll continue to rescue, do adoptions and smile.  But I'll be thinking about my "Doug the Pug".  I hope he's ok.


Connie said...

Beth & David,
I will not have the exact words for this well known statement, but it goes like this - 'When you reach the pearly gates, God will not ask what company you kept, but who did you help.' You and David can stand in all God's glory and shine with love and goodness that both of you have helped countless numerous of God's own creatures and have always supported your foster homes in the highest manner and above all, put the wellbeing of a sweet innocent animals above personal interest each and every time - even in the face of adversity. They say that people/animals come into our lives for some time for a reason. You and David may not know or understand the enormous impact of goodness you had upon Doug - you came into his life when he truly needed you the most. Love does not end.

Crystal said...

Oh my goodness beautifully said. David Beth and family; hugs and love to all of you. I am so so sorry for your pain and your loss. You are so brave to be able to continue going on in rescue when your hearts are broken. You are such an inspiration.

Heather said...

I haven't been keeping up with your blog in the past couple of weeks. My heart is totally broken for you. Totally broken. I can't imagine how powerless you must feel.

I'm so very sorry.

Anonymous said...

My goodness...those kittens look like they'll wrap you around their paws and get away with murder...and they know it.