Monday, January 06, 2014

Just One.

It's going to be -35 tonight - again.  With gusts of wind 60 kmh - again.  Two days ago, I received a plea for help regarding a domestic cat that had probably been abandoned and he took refuge on a homeowner's back porch:

My heart dropped while the temperature dropped even further and I posted this picture on Facebook.  I didn't know where these people lived and they wouldn't answer their phone.  I could help him.  I was shocked at the number of fellow rescuers from Facebook who sprang into action to try to find where these  people lived.

I called the family this morning at a rude hour to insure I could actually speak with somebody.  Yes, they had seen the cat but they didn't want to touch him because he "might have fleas".  "Fuck.  Seriously?"  But I got their address and was told that I could come to their home to look around.

I grabbed my rescue partner Shelley and we drove into another area of the city where the roads  were sheets of ice.  Anyone with any common sense wouldn't have gone out this morning.  But I kept picturing that chubby orange and white body.  He was somebody's pet at some point.  He wasn't like the other ferals.

The house was a typical cookie cutter with a lovely backyard.  They kept their promise by leaving the gate unlocked for us and we found the chair covered with a quilt and empty.  Apparently, he goes under the fence in the house in the back.  My hands were freezing fast and my ears felt like they  were going to snap off, but Shelley climbed on top of a milk crate and peeped over the fence.

He could be anywhere.

We called "Kitty Kitty" as our lips froze.  The family had bought a live trap, but I was certain that they didn't have the common sense to check the damn thing and I knew our boy would freeze to death tonight.

My heart hurts tonight and this story doesn't have the ending I had hoped.  I hear the wind whistling through our old Victorian house and "my boy" is still out there somewhere.  I won't sleep well and I'm leaving for Seattle tomorrow to visit my parents.  Sure, there are lots of cats that have no homes and are cold tonight. Many won't survive tonight.  But there was something about this one and I wanted to save his life.

I'll be thinking about this poor soul tonight.  I'll be thinking about all of them.


Anonymous said...

That is all I am thinking about too. I noticed a cat around our new house we moved into a few months back....and saw a poster with a startling resemblance a few weeks ago as I was driving. I THINK it was a resemblance. I haven't seen the cat since, though. I left food out and chirped. Its cold, the wind is howling....and I can't stop thinking that I hope someone took him in. Surely someone had a garage and half a heart... maybe these cats do have street smarts...maybe the found the right place out of the cold...maybe someone IS helping.....

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

Are you absolutely positive that someone else didn't let him in? The black fluffy who has been wandering through my yard is staying in the neighbors garage, he's been invited into their home but won't go. Seems the garage is good enough for him for now.

Random Felines said...

I hope he shows up and someone lets you know to come get him or that he is safe. My heart breaks for all the souls out in this cold

Ann Boyajian said...

Oh dear, I hope he's found shelter

Anonymous said...

Any further news on this boy ?

Anya said...

Just one, indeed. A tiny kitten abandoned at my house, just before the cold snap:
We do what we can, and sometimes all it is, is what comes our way: and that often is a lot. As I look at out tiny "gift" - that someone threw away - thankful the cosmos sent her our way, and we found her in time. Bless you and all you do for the kitties!

Lisa Brost said...

Well said, Anya! A number of stray kitties have shown up on our porch or under our deck. I think that some of the lucky ones have a knack for finding the Crazy Cat Lady of the neighbourhood, who will take them in and get them into the forever home that they deserve :)