Friday, December 27, 2013

June Cleaver With Cats

Am I the only one that is relieved when Christmas is over?  I found myself mildly sick the week before Christmas and only when it became "Christmas Crunch Time" did I recognize how really crappy I  felt.  By that time, I was expected to be June Cleaver with things baking, presents wrapped and the house smelling like gingerbread.   I had a low-grade fever and was feeling resentful with a pasted smile on my face.  

No wonder I'm so relieved when Christmas is over!!

Today was the first somewhat normal rescue day.  We went to the low-kill shelter and rescued 7 or 8 cats.   I think we only rescued 2 older kittens and the rest were really sweet adult cats.  It felt good to be there and rescuing with the least amount of stress.  I didn't really feel like we were leaving behind anyone to die and the staff was happy to see us.

I have two sick kittens in my "kitten room".  Colourful snot and various sounds of snorting and sneezing permeate the walls.  I've been so busy that I haven't been able to spend  as much time with these two cuties as I would've liked, so now when I go into the room they look at me like, "HOLY SHIT!  RUN!  She's going to put stuff in our eyes and squirt gunk down our throats!!! ARGH!!!!"   Poor guys -- I need to lay down with them and read a book or something.

Every year on Boxing Day (December 26th), we meet with David's extended family for some holiday catching up.  They're really a lovely family and I really enjoy them.  But every time we're together the very first question that is asked is, "So Beth.  How many cats do you have now?"  It's like out of a commercial or something - forks drop to the plates, the the usual murmurs of conversations subside. "How many, Beth?"  Seriously - no matter what number I would say, they all exclaim "WHOA!!!!!"   Sometimes I feel like the family freak show that they talk about after we leave.  As we walk down the driveway, I can almost hear them say, "David should've stayed married to Gaylle...they only had 1 dog then!"  Blah blah blah.

Ooo.  My insecurities are showing!  What would June Cleaver say?



Robyn said...

When we're asked that question, my husband just smiles and says "That's not important." :)

Debbie said...

When people ask me how many dogs we have, (our own and fosters and guide dog in training) We replied, only 5 !!Plus our 2 cats and 2 foster cats . They think we are crazy, I think this is normal.
So I figure , what ever works for you is just fine !!!
Take a deep breath and enjoy the new year !!

Random Felines said...

pfffft - rescue numbers excuse you from all of the above. :) hope you are feeling better - and yay for the rescues!!

Renee said...

I go with "we try not to count".

Anonymous said...

"We try not to count" ... that's perfect! I'm definitely using that one next time. :)

Tina said...

You're not alone Beth! Before I started fostering the most I had at one time were 3 and now I have 7 and 1 foster cat. I held off telling my family. They thought 2 of the 7 were fosters for awhile. In my defense I fostered them for a year before deciding to keep them. They had been up to Petco half a dozen times but no luck. So my husband said they're part of the family now since they've been here a year. I think all of these pet hoarder shows make people think that everyone who has multiple pets is going down that road which isn't the case. If I was living in filth, then you can say something about it but until then, zip it….lol! I love love love my kitties and make no apologies for it :-)