Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hoarding, Divorce, Bad Hair and Sweatpants

("F" Word Alert in this post)

Never was I happier to hear a friend's voice than when my partner in rescue (and friend!) called me on Thursday morning to let me know she was back from her 8 day holiday in Cuba.  When her number showed up on my caller ID, I had a sudden moment of absolute relief.  It was the kind of relief I felt when I was 22 years old and brought home my first newborn daughter from the hospital and my Mom took over and gave her her first bath.  Thank God.

Thursday was insane!  I rescued 10 cats from the low-kill city pound and 1 cat that I had  pledged to rescue form the high-kill shelter.  I made 3 vet visits, delivered cats to two different foster parents and put other kittens into a Petsmart Adoption Centre.  I left that morning at 9 am, and arrived home at 4 pm.  

So...yeah.  I was relieved to hear from Shelley.   Don't get me wrong - we had AWESOME volunteers helping me while she was away.  In fact, things were great - I didn't have to worry about Petsmart at all! Things were smooth running and I was grateful.

There's something so sad about rescuing 10 cats from the low-kill city pound and only rescuing 1 cat from the high kill shelter.  We've been doing a BUNCH of rescuing from the high kill shelter lately and the rescue's bank balance is certainly feeling the pinch.  I really have to juggle and insure that we're making sound financial decisions all the time.

I had a moment of insanity when I read a post on Facebook that some Wannabe Armchair Rescuer said:  "It's not really a rescue unless you take any cat that needs help.  Otherwise, it's just a business."  

"Call me a fucking business, you pinhead."

How on earth can I take EVERY CAT THAT NEEDS HELP?  Does this moron know how many millions of cats there are that need help? Does he know how many calls I get on the average day for cats  needing help?    Would I like to help every cat?  I sure would!  But I'd end up a hoarder, divorced, with bad hair and wearing sweat pants.  You know I'm right.  You've seen those people.  

(*insert deep breath here*)




Sparkle said...

You are so right - a good rescuer knows his or her limits and boundaries. Crossing over them courts disaster - for both the rescuer and especially the cats.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with being content as only a partially crazy cat lady. Sometimes it is better to not go all the way :)

Robin Sarafinchan said...

Beth, loved this post! As a fellow rescuer, I struggle with those decisions too (on a much smaller scale), and find myself straddling that line, I'm still married, but even my clean clothes have cat hair all over them LOL.

Kerry said...

I'm in awe of everything you accomplish -- and of your resolve. So glad to hear from you, too: it feels like an early Christmas present. All good wishes to you, your colleagues, the creatures you help and save, and your family, two- and four-legged.

Rivi said...

Merry Christmas, Beth, to you, your family, foster parents and volunteers.

Today you celebrate the birth of Jesus, who was born into the Jewish religion.

Judaism is very clear that
"One who saves one life - has saved the entire world."

I am convinced this tenet also applies to cats.

1500+ cats = 1500+ worlds.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Comments like that take all the responsibility off pet owners and put it entirely on to the rescuers' shoulders. It's totally unfair.

Also, I love the term "armchair rescuer". Does that mean people who talk about rescuing but don't, or people who are not a rescue who just pick up animals off the street, rescue them, and try to find homes for them?