Friday, September 20, 2013

Taking the Time

We were back at the low/no kill shelter and rescued a really cute pregnant Mom cat, 3 kittens and another big tubby cute adult girl.  My rescue partner and I took another volunteer with us and it was nice to see things from her viewpoint.

She noticed how all the employees seemed happy and the cats well adjusted.  There were volunteers circling around the cats, holding them and brushing them.  Even the bunnies were out in a pen and being loved!  It feels good to go there.  They need help - the cages are often full.  A woman came into the shelter today after finding 2 five week old kittens and the staff sat with her and gave her advice on caring for them.

I'm pretending like I don't have administrative work to do today.  I keep waving my hand over the mountain of adoption agreements "Abracadabra!" but it's all still there.

There's been some drama with our Free Pet Insurance that I've been dealing with lately.  To add to the confusion, I've called the wrong adopter and gave her incorrect information...unraveling THAT mess is going to be horrific.  I don't think I can procrastinate any longer.  I need to suck it up and make my mea culpas. 

I wish people knew what is really involved in running a decent rescue.  It certainly isn't without mistakes.  (See above!)  I wish I could do more rescuing and less data entry.  Or more helping people and less "information desk" type stuff.  I spend hours going over every vet bill...and finding mistakes!  But all that takes time.  Yesterday, I think I found about $270.00 in vet bill errors.  Sometimes I have to Google the name of medications just to be sure I was billed for the right meds.  LOL

Every once in a while I feel a little overwhelmed with all the little (yet important) stuff that I have to do that doesn't really involve the cats.   

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