Monday, September 09, 2013

Could They Be Any More Offensive?

We were back at the shelter today and managed to rescue 25 cats and kittens.  I'm seriously exhausted but always feel like we've accomplished something by taking that many.  The staff at the shelter seemed happy to see us come AND go.  ;)  I love rescuing like that - it's truly fun :)

It's been a while since I've mentioned the nuts that post regularly on Facebook about wanting change at the "high kill" shelter.   I used to call them "The Crazy Protesters", but they seemed to have settled down a bit and use the social media venues to stir up the insanity. 

They want to be taken seriously by city council members and the staff at the shelter....but then they post  shit like this - publicly: (I've removed the shelter name and the name of the poster)


Hello Manager  and all the wonderful caring people in (the shelter). Try this to accomplish change in the killing routine you hate so much


Tell everyone that tries to enter with an animal that you all find it much too upsetting to continue watching their animals get sick and killed and you REFUSE to continue another day!

Send them back home with a list of all the rescues to contact to beg them all to take the animal off their hands!

When that fails for them, tell them to kill their own animals from now on!

And give them the contact info for the Mayor and council to complain!

This might get you some of those changes you all say you want.


Yes indeed - you just read that one of those crazies suggested that the city's residents should kill their own  pets if they can't get help from the shelter or the rescues.  They posted that in a public forum! 

They wonder why they're not taken seriously?   I'm sure I'll laugh about it tomorrow - but for tonight, I'm completely offended.




Jan's Funny Farm said...

Unbelievable! Some people have no common sense. Keep up the good rescue work. It isn't easy, but it helps save lives.

Caroline said...

I think the poster is just fed up with the Animal Control politics and the irresponsible ppl in that town, they were being sarcastic. Let's remember that the SPCA in Newmarket actually did close their doors after the ringworm outbreak and never officially reopened! It's just one comment, don't let it get to you. Good job by you and your volunteers for rescuing the 25.

Debbie said...

Great day, 25 rescues is awesome !!
Great job ladies.
If you are needing my help, my son can take 1 or 2. If not right now I am home on Sunday and can help then !!

Random Felines said...

omg.....while part of me appreciates the sentiment, that SO isn't going to fix anything.

concats on the 25 saves!!!