Thursday, September 05, 2013

I Was Due!

Part of running any foster-based animal rescue organization is the constant juggling of cats, money, foster parents, and volunteers.  The majority of the time, things run smoothly with occasional burps in the process.  I've never been one of those rescues that can rescue 20 cats and figure it out later where to put them, which has greatly reduced the juggling - and complexity of my life.  But I was due for an anxiety filled day. 

While one cat was being adopted yesterday, I received an email from a foster parent that said her cat had to be moved.   I thought the timing was perfect, until I realized that the foster parent with the newly adopted cat could no longer foster now that school had started.  Blast! 

We had a very kind family yesterday call me in tears as their son's allergies were becoming too much and sweet "Tootsie" would need to come back to us.  The foster parent who had Tootsie is always amenable to take back her fosters, but she currently has quite a few right now AND our adoption event on the OTHER SIDE of town starts in 10 days.  Where could I juggle Tootsie with the least amount of stress on her so that she could go to our adoption event?

Sadly, another foster parent broke her ankle and arrangements had to be made for pick up and drop off of her foster cat for spay surgery tomorrow - going into and out of the city...on a Friday.

When an emergency call came in for a probable pregnant Mom cat, I was thrilled that we actually had foster space available for her!  The foster parent lives 2 hours away (she allows Mom to deliver her babies safely and keeps and loves them through weaning and returns the family to the rescue).  The logistics of arranging transport was HUGE.  I also had to insure that there was a vet near the new out-of-area foster parent.  The finder of the Mom cat decided to take the Mom to the vet just to insure she was healthy before transport.

Everything was in place....but there was one glitch.  The Mom cat wasn't pregnant!!!  Now she's going to be spayed and go to a local foster home!  So phone calls have to be made today that the Mom cat doesn't need transport, an overnight vet boarding at the halfway point,  etc etc.    

Usually, all this stuff happens in the course of a week or two.  This happened yesterday.  I'm certain that I'm forgetting something. 

But the good news?  We have an opening for a sweet, pregnant Mom cat that needs us. :)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for all that you do!

Today is Foster (Feline) Friday on my blog My Feral Family, so today I wanted to share someone's behind the scenes perspective...and I chose your post to link back to.