Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Too Much Dust to "Brush Off"

I wish I had written in my blog yesterday.  I really hate writing two downer blog posts in a row, but such is the life of a rescuer sometimes. 

We received the sad news that one of our kittens named "Dori" was diagnosed with FIP.  Thank heavens the foster Mom was alert to the signs - huge belly and skeletal-like body.  X-rays and a needle biopsy confirmed it this morning.  Dori was starting to sleep all the time.  She was eating, but not much.  Because cats are often called "The Great Pretenders", it was hard to know if she was really hurting but faking it. 

Regardless, there's nothing that can be done for a kitten with FIP.  It's fatal. 

So with tears in my eyes I authorized another kitten to be euthanized.

It took everything I had to say "Yes, it's OK.  I give my permission for euthanasia."  But when the vet said that according to Ontario Veterinary College I had to say those words a SECOND time to his receptionist for legal purposes, I lost control and started to really cry.  Saying it twice was too much and too painful.  

I'm grateful that I was able to busy myself with adoption event stuff.  We have a large Petsmart event coming up this weekend and organizing cage space and cats is definitely NOT my strongsuit.  Fortunately, we have quite a few volunteers who can organize these events far better than I can.  "I'll bring the cats!  You tell me where to put 'em and how many to bring!" 

It's been a tough week for our rescue.  I feel emotionally and financially drained.  I think this adoption event will be just the ticket for me.  Chatting, smiling and adopting out cats.  It's what I do best. 

Adopted cats mean it'll be time for another rescue. Rescuing is the 2nd best thing that I do.  :)


Sparkle said...

I'm sorry this has been such a tough week for you. Sometimes these things happen - not every kitten can thrive and some just don't make it. Not that it makes it any less sad. :-(

Didn't I just say something similar to your last post? That makes me even sadder. I'm glad you have an adoption event coming up!

Debbie said...

More sad news
I hope the foster parents are doing okay, it's very tough on them.
Really hope the adopt a thon goes well, then you can do another rescue
Good luck to all involved this weekend!

mary said...

What a sweet face! Poor Dori, RIP. Your life was too short but you were loved. You were loved.

mary said...

What a sweet face! Poor Dori, RIP. Your life was too short but you were loved. You were loved.

Anonymous said...

You cannot save them all - As sad as this is for the foster Mom better now than after adoption.

Just look at what a difference you have made for Monica and her babies.

And the hundreds of cats in your adoption completed file.


Anonymous said...

As difficult as it is to know and see the beautiful kittens who have passed away much much too soon - I am glad you do it. It is bit of closure to say the last goodbye and pay tribute to a special loving soul who came into our lives making us richer for it. And also, it is so vitally important for those who do not foster to see and understand what we do and go through - how we put our hearts on the line; along with the endless care taking. As I told the foster mom of Dori, she can feel so proud that she gave Dori the love, warmth and security so she could pass over in contentment - and not as a scared cold lonely kitten who is just another number at the shelter - who will not be paid tribute or remembered.

Devon said...

Sorry to hear about Dori. It's been such a rough week for the rescue. My heart goes out to you and the foster parents. <3

Caroline said...

I hope this weekend is better for you!

Random Felines said...

we are so very very sorry..... sometimes there are days that just suck. we hope you have a great adoption weekend to restore your faith! purrs....

~*Connie*~ said...

I am so very sorry. It really stinks that we can't save them all. I concur that I hope things get better and you get a couple of good wins right quick.

Anonymous said...

Awww Beth...Big comforting huggs coming your way..I am SO sorry to hear this sad news ! Too many sad it's time for some happy ones....keeping positive thoughts going here !
Love Gail