Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rescuing Update

After a weekend of 19 adoptions, I've had the privilege of doing more rescuing than usual.  It's strange how I haven't been doing the actual rescuing as much as I used to.  I miss it sometimes. 

 Our volunteers went to the "high kill" shelter over the weekend and rescued 6 cats.

 Monday we rescued 3 Mom cats and 14 kittens.

 Tuesday was 1 tiny kitten and a 6 month old orange bruiser.

Today, we rescued 1 kitten (because the "tiny kitten" from Tuesday needed a friend) and we also rescued "Clinton".  Clinton was surrendered to the shelter because he was listed as "Too Affectionate".  Seriously.  Clinton didn't disappoint.  He walked into his foster home like he lived there forever.

Today, we also rescued a sweet Mom cat from outside.  Her family moved away from her and left her sitting on the front porch.  Bastards.  "Dear God, please don't let her be pregnant too."

With all the rescuing comes questions, vet visits and juggling.  Three of the cats have already been to the vets for not eating, a possible urinary tract infection, and an upper respiratory virus.  Of course, they came from the "high kill" shelter where it seems like eveybody gets sick and city seems hell bent on bankrupting small rescues like ours.  These cats might end up costing more than their future adoption fees.  We cross our fingers for the remaining cats, but at least they didn't come out of that shelter.  They stand a better chance. 

I always get anxious when we rescue this many at once.  Rescuing was a lot more fun when I wasn't responsible for paying the bills. 


Random Felines said...

19 adoptions is awesome!!!

really? too affectionate?? ugh.....

nice saves - and the orangey boy is adorable

Sparkle said...

There should be a "do not adopt" list for humans who a) turn a cat into a kill shelter for being "too affectionate and b) abandon a cat when they move. Seriously.

~*Connie*~ said...

I actually have a couple of those "too affectionate cats" I feel a little bad when I shoo them away because I know they just want love..

JACK! stop licking my thumb you are making it hard to type..

oh if only you could see him being 'too affectionate' right now and there is not a thing in this world I would give him up for. I hope your kitty finds his FOREVER home who will cherish his attention.

Caroline said...

Great job on all those rescues and adoptions!