Monday, September 17, 2012

A (Much) Happier Day!

I think I'm still recovering from an insane Petsmart Adoption weekend.   I know I brag about our volunteers quite a bit on this blog.  But holy crap, we really do have the best volunteers.   Friday night, there was a highway closure and one of our volunteers drove for THREE hours just to get there with her foster cats for her shift. 

We're not a huge rescue, but we had every Petsmart shift covered from open to close for all three days of the event.   We had NINETEEN adoptions!!!  Every adult cat was adopted, and EVERY black cat and all but one black and white cat was adopted.  It was crazy - nobody adopted the flashy calicos and the one adorable orange and white guy we had. 

I met a really lovely senior couple at the event.  They only wanted a declawed cat, which we didn't have at the event.  So I went to the shelter this morning and picked up a really homely 4 year old declawed guy named "Louie".  The staff at the shelter told me that Louie was getting depressed and they were so happy I was taking him.   I delivered Louie to their front door and felt a bit like Santa Claus might delivering a very special present.  The couple thought Louie was very handsome and were thrilled.  Louie found the sofa and the huge picture window in the living room.  It was a wonderful moment and I always get teary-eyed to witness it.

The trek to the shelter went much faster than usual.  I took a volunteer with me who had never been to this shelter.  She left with THREE nursing Mom cats and their kittens.  She has a really neat set up for these little families and took a picture of one of the little groups:
Each family gets their own spacious area, and as the kittens grow and become more active, they all get more room.   This particular Mom cat is really neat looking, isn't she?  Love her smokey/black colour. 
I want to hit the "Send" button on this post before anything negative comes up.  It's been such a happy few days and I want to wallow in it for a while. 

Did I mention that we have THE BEST volunteers?  Our rescue and the cats are so fortunate to have them. 


JLi said...

Congrats to an amazing weekend and some very happy kitties!!!

Renee said...

Congratulations to everyone involved!

And huge thanks to the new foster mom to three little families.It's a wonderful thing to do.

Chrissykat said...

WOW...19 adoptions!!! That is crazy awesome! Huge congrats! Do you think you can post more pix of that kitty mom & babies area? I'd like to see more of it as I plan to also foster families someday. Thanks!

Caroline said...

OMC what a great adoption event! Congrats!

Also I am soooo jealous of the foster mom's Mom Cat setup, is her husband handy?? I love the cages so neat and organized! Bravo! More pics please!

Great job on getting Louie a home!

~*Connie*~ said...

So glad you had a good weekend. You surely could use it. may you have many more.

Anonymous said...

You know how when one door closes another one opens?

So glad to hear that after more than a year of waiting Chloe found her purrfect forever home!

Harpurr and Lily's Mom