Saturday, April 05, 2008

Taking My Own Advice...

I give great inspirational advice to our foster homes on how to let your foster cat be adopted. It's a shame I can't seem to take my own advice.

My beloved "Bandit" was adopted last night. I was really grateful that the couple that called about him showed up within 2 hours of their call. I didn't have time to get sentimental or apprehensive about it. I went into "Business Mode" and wouldn't even look at Bandit for the two hours before they arrived. I knew I'd cry if I spent any time with him. God, I'm a coward.

The couple showed up 10 minutes early (I love that!) and they were absolutely wonderful. The first time anyone visited Bandit he bit them, so I was a little worried that after all the hoopla about how wonderful, affectionate and sweet Mr. Bandit is, he'd end up biting them too. But my fears didn't come into fruition.

Bandit was "Mr. Charming". They say "Cats choose their owners." If that's true, that's exactly what happened here. Kim & Dave sat on my sofa and Bandit wouldn't leave them alone. He sat on Kim's lap first - rubbing, purring, licking her face. She was in love. Then Bandit went to Dave - he did the same thing to Dave and promptly laid down between them and listened to us talk about him. When the time came for the cat crate to come out, my stomach was in knots. "The Moment I Dread" - The moment your foster cat looks at you with "What did I do wrong?" look and I usually start to cry. Dave & Kim opened the door to the crate and signaled him to go in. Silly people. A cat *willingly* go into a crate? Psshaw! But Bandit did. He not only walked into the crate, but he turned around and sat down!

I didn't cry when Bandit left. Bandit was ready to go. They had been chosen. Because I'm such a sap, I called them 2 hours later to see if "Bandit had settled in". Dave laughed and said, "Listen to this..." and all I could hear was the familiar purrr coming through the phone. Bandit was home. Dave said that Bandit had explored the whole house and was sitting with them and watching t.v.. Yep. That's my Band-a-rooooo. :)

I've been missing Bandit tonight. There was one less cat to feed today. I actually was able to use the bathroom by myself for a change without having a little black and white paw sticking under the door.
Time to go back to the shelter on Monday. There's going to be another cat in a cage, sitting on a wet piece of newspaper (because he spilled his water dish) that's going to need a temporary place to call "Home". (and I know just the place!)

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Social Mange said...

AWWWWWW!!! That's so sweet!

There are some you always remember :-).