Sunday, April 20, 2008

Adoptathons and Me

"Adoptathons." Just saying the word makes me tired. I wanted to write about the adoption event we had yesterday, but I was just too exhausted to even sit at my computer! I have a great appreciation for people who work on their feet all day. I have a deep respect for people who are forced to smile all day and look excited and happy on their jobs. God knows, when I come home from adoption events my face hurts from smiling.

Sound like I'm complaining, eh? I'm really not. I look forward to adoptathons about as much as I look forward to doing anything. These events are filled with the rescue's volunteers and I'm surrounded by people who love these cats as much as I do. The dedication that the volunteers have to show up at adoptathons is really inspiring. The majority of our volunteers work all week, and for them to come out on a Saturday at a local pet store is a beautiful thing.

"Just Showing Up" is only part of it. There is another group of volunteers that set up for these events. Talk about a "thankless job"! When I first started with the rescue, we used old beat up cages that were donated. Now we use beautiful, matching cages - we have seasonal decorations on the cages too! One of our volunteers even makes up "grab bags" for adopters to choose a toy or something special that they can take home with their newly adopted baby. I feel so proud when prospective adopters come to these events and look so impressed with our organization. My name might "be on the door", but I can't take any credit for how spectacular these adoptathons turn out.

I love talking with the people that come to adoptathons to meet the cats. Some folks show up to actually adopt - others come to heal their hearts and tell stories of cats they have recently lost to cancer, or ? Many tear up and their lips tremble as they tell the story of their beloved cat that has passed away. They know that we will understand. I always give these hurting people a hug. They need it. Nobody else understands their loss - but we do.

The worst part of the day is cleaning up and taking down the cages. Holy crap...if I'm not tired already, this usually puts me over the edge. It never fails that really good adopters show up as we're trying to leave. This is when I'm starting to get cranky. I'm sweaty, I smell bad, my feet hurt, and I have cat hair stuck to my lipstick. By 3 pm, my husband David has called and says in a chipper voice, "Hey! Let's go to the movies tonight!" about going to Blockbuster - that sounds MUCH more romantic. (riiiight.)

Nine cats went to their forever homes on Saturday. It was a good day. Nine cats that didn't have a home on Friday, now have a place to be forever and ever on Saturday. I always tell the cats that didn't get adopted that their time will come - that "special person" is out there for them too. While my husband and I are watching some "guy movie" he rented on Blockbuster, I sit and worry about the ones that were adopted.

The best part is.....I get to go to the shelter and rescue 9 more cats that don't have a home tonight. Hang in there guys...we'll find you a home too.

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