Thursday, February 27, 2014

Land O' Ice

How many people book a trip to Iceland during the Canadian winter?  Answer:  Canadians that thought it was a good idea in August.  Good Grief.  What were we thinking?  We forgot all about this  trip until two days ago when David got a reminder on his phone.  I've been moving full  speed ahead  with rescue and have had very busy days - no time for a holiday right now.  

Looks like I'm going to Iceland next week.  *sigh*  

We've had 90+ adoptions again this month, and we've been doing a lot of rescuing just to keep up with the numbers.  Does this sound like I'm complaining?  Noooo....not at  all.  But I'm certainly not prepared to take a break and go to Iceland.  

I need to file the tax return for the Charity.  It's due now and I'm behind on bookkeeping, bank deposits and and the usual administration.  I am *never* this far behind.  It's obvious that I need to take several administration days or set my alarm to get up before the phones start ringing.  

Yesterday, I  worked the ENTIRE  afternoon entering Paypal donations in our bookkeeping software.   Believe me - there weren't that many!  But with the text messages, phones and emails interrupting me, I found myself making data entry errors and was completely distracted.  I really need to lock myself in somewhere and finish all this stuff.  

Tomorrow night, we move from one Petsmart store to another.  Packing up, moving out and moving the cats with us.  It's all such a hassle, but I think it's nice for some of the volunteers to get a monthly break.  Those of who are more hardcore in the as usual.  

Tomorrow is another rescue day for us.  I'm tired and am beginning to wonder if  my socks are clean or if I'm putting the dirty ones back in the drawer.  That's how I lost my wedding ring a few months ago!  It just completely disappeared on an evening I was 100% exhausted.  At the end of the day, I took off my earrings and my wedding ring and put them in the drawer.  I  woke up the next morning - they were gone. *Poof*  For all I know, I'll find them in the refrigerator when I  (finally) have time to clean that.  

Nope.  I'm not ready for a vacation.  But I'm getting one anyway.  The universe has a way of slowing us down when we need it the most.  I suppose I should be glad I'm getting a trip to Iceland and not an appendectomy!  Tomorrow, I'm  setting my alarm for 5 a.m. and will try to power through some of this tax shit.  stuff.   The glamour of running a rescue...tell the masses :)

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Random Felines said...

we think the vacation is well deserved....but not so sure about traveling to a COLDER climate :)