Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hodge Podge of Emotional Writing

I really haven't felt like myself since Doug left us.   I know it sounds crazy, because pets come and go and  as a veteran rescuer, you'd think I would've hardened up a bit more.  But his unfair departure from our lives have left me feeling empty and sad.   Maybe it's just seasonal and the dark days are getting to me.  I've been thinking about my life in Southern California quite a bit lately which is very uncharacteristic of me.

We named our frozen orange and white guy "Wallace".  (William Wallace the warrior!)  It seemed to suit him after he had been through so much.  I think his picture from our vet clinic speaks volumes to how Wallace feels  about square meals and warmth:
A Rant:

We recently rescued a cat from a fellow rescuer who reached out for help.  This rescuer has been *no* friend of mine over the years and has been part of that "Crazy Protester" group.  She's  really a pathetic little woman that has said some pretty nasty things about me and our rescue over the years.  She's called me an "enabler for kill shelters", etc.   I find it incredible that when she needs help for one of her OWN CATS, she asked us.  I didn't take the cat for her, I took the cat because she was desperate and I was worried about him.

The cat arrived to us in horrible shape.  According to his veterinary records, he had lost almost 2 pounds in the past 9 months.  He had  hardened weeks and weeks old diarrhea down his legs and so much caked to his back side that it completely covered his rectum.   The vet felt she had to shave and bathe this poor cat before he could go into a foster home.  The vet also indicated that his feet were caked with mounds of litter - all of which meant he was either living in filth or this pathetic excuse for a human being kept this sweet cat caged.

I'd love to post pictures of this cat, but will keep her identity anonymous.  She doesn't really deserve it, but I need to protect myself too.

How?  How on earth can she call herself a "rescuer"?  How can she sit there on a Facebook page and advocate for animals at a high kill shelter when her own situation is such a horrific mess?  I read her posts about how "disgusting"  this shelter is and that the staff is void of conscience...yada yada  yada...God, I can't imagine what the rest of her cats look like. This poor cat is going to need medical care and lots of it.   I hope the vet files a cruelty charge against her.  I really do.

End Rant

Wasn't this a hodge podge of emotional writing tonight?  I've had a few people mention that I need more before/after happy stories in my blog.  I try to remind readers that this isn't our rescue's blog.  I wouldn't be writing stories like I have over the past 6 years if I was representing our rescue in these posts.  These  are my own personal thoughts and I really think it needs to remain that way.  I'd consider a "Disneyland Rainbow Rescue Blog", but I don't think I could write it.  That isn't really rescue. But after seeing that poor cat that we took from a (supposed to be) fellow rescuer, I'm not sure I really understand it all anyway.


Alison said...

That Wallace is a lovely boy! He is proof that sometimes we get happy endings.

Fate is fickle so you need to focus on all the happiness you have created in the lives of so many people, and felines. Where would I be without my diva Thomasina? or my crazy Chaz? So much laughter and snuggles have come from your work.

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

Did you mention to the vet you were OK with them filing charges.. they might be reluctant to in order to not upset you or the kitty's current situation.

Anonymous said...

Fuck a Disneyland Rainbow Rescuer blog. We come here for the rants and brutal honesty anyway. :)

pam said...

I personally come to this blog for the truth in rescue and life. That means their is good, bad and ugly. Life is messy and not every one gets a red balloon pam

Caroline said...

Oh the chronic diarrhea kitties, that are kept alive at all costs even when the cat has shut down emotionally a lot of rescues will still keep him going so they don't look bad euthanizing him, they must remain NO KILL at all costs! I've experienced this with another rescue I volunteer with and I can finally feel at peace with the fact that they finally euthed him a year after I suggested it should be done! Each day sitting in his caked on filth, he became more depressed. He got clean cages, some free range time and one bath a week but anyone could tell how depressed he was. They tried different diets and did blood tests galore but sometimes you just have to admit defeat, know that you tried your best and that the best thing is to put the cat to rest. This may not apply to your new rescued soul, but I think every rescuer has one cat that they don't see the forest for the trees!

Caroline said...

Yay for Wallace, he looks like quite the character! Will he be residing Chez Turner?