Friday, July 12, 2013


Anybody who is cat rescue will tell you that we really feel the pressure when a family member calls you for help when they've found a cat.  I feel the pressure when our volunteer's family members  ask for help too.  But this time?  It was my turn.

The call came from David's cousin & family.  They have a cottage in northern Ontario and had found a young black cat.  (Of course, it was black!)  "What do we do?"?  I told them we could help them, but it was kitten season....yada yada yada....could they please  hang on to the guy and I'll do my best as quickly as I can.   They don't like cats.  Didn't want a cat.  Period.

I asked them to show some compassion for this cat.  They have's important.    

A few more emails arrived from the Mrs. that "Spencer" (he has a name now!) would be staying in their boathouse and "Mr." (staying anonymous here) was not happy about having a cat in his boathouse.  Seriously?  Was it really that hard to keep this guy in an empty boathouse until I could figure it all out?

I was so happy when the email arrived that they found a foster home for Spencer!  It was well within the borders of our rescue, and I couldn't be more thrilled that this was  all working out.   The email continued,  "....but the foster home won't work because the dog doesn't like him."

Oh. My. Gosh.  Back to work on finding placement for Spencer.

A few days went by and I kept my head low.   I was hoping that they'd get this sorted out on their own.  But nothing could prepare me for the email I received next....

"...I am heartbroken.  We took him to the vets....he was dehydrated....lots  of money...we put him down." 

The words jumped off the page.  My heart pounded as questions flew through my head.   
They had him euthanized because he was dehydrated?  
Why didn't I do more?   
Why did I let them flail around and figure things out on their own?  
What kind vet killed  a dehydrated cat?  
*I* would've paid for his I.V.!   
I could have done something! 


I failed.  I failed big time on this.  They reached out for help and I had hoped it would all go away.  Maybe they would fall in  love with Spencer, or  find a family to love him.  I knew they weren't animal people.... 

They  had sent me a picture of him when they first found him.
Now I'm the one that's heartbroken.  I'm so sorry, Spencer.  I really failed you. 


Sparkle said...

I am saddest for this family, who did not have the compassion or kindness to do right by this beautiful and clearly loving creature in the first place. They must lack something in their hearts.

Strayer said...

those are not nice relatives. That is awful. His boathouse? Dehydrated, probably not drinking enough out of stress, and a vet kills him, and those people who found him that's all that had to give, death? That is a really sad story about cold stone hearts. Poor Spencer. I am so sorry for you also.

Monica said...

I read your blog on a regular basis and am astounded at the work you do. The fact that this family even though they are not "animal people" & in addition are family members - took it upon themselves to euthanize without contacting you - I have no words to express my feelings. I will just go with Sparkle's comment & add how could you have known this would be the outcome? You had no control over what they were going to do & certainly there was no indication from your communication with them that you had any reason to think this dear little soul was in any danger. God help them - they really have no heart.

Faith J. said...

I wonder if they are not telling the whole story. Spencer must have had another medical condition for which the vet euthanized him.

Anonymous said...

They had a chance to save a life, one of god's creature and to set an example for their children. I pity those children. Karma.

Rest in peace sweet black cat.

Caroline said...

Hi Beth,

It's not your fault, you could not read their minds.

It's strange how someone can afford a cottage with a boathouse and not afford proper care for this cat. Hmmm. I agree with another poster, that maybe there is more to this story. My guess is they just wanted to wash their hands of this cat and didn't have the patience to wait. Fluids and overnight vetting isn't cheap especially for non pet ppl dealing with someone else's cat. We don't all think the same. The real blame must lie with the cat's original owners. He is in peace now. You might want to post an ad in the local craigslist under pets incase he ran away the original owners will at least have closure if they are still looking for him.

Caroline said...

FYI Shelter from Hell, has online posting of kitten (page 4) with note saying "Mom will probably need her leg amputated, came in June 23rd!!" Really! so does this mean she has had a broken leg since June 23rd and nothings been done... OMG this is like the tortie mom you rescued.

Everycat said...

How utterly shocking on so many levels. What kind of vet kills a healthy cat because of dehydration? One that needs striking off and losing their licence perhaps?

Some despicable vets will kill animals at any owner request. These vets should not be practicing.

Shameful. Shame on that cruel family.

Cat said...

Poor Spencer, how very sad!!! I hope you never have to talk to those people again.