Sunday, July 07, 2013

I Hate July

I had vowed to be a little more chatty with my blog, but lately it hasn't been easy to update.  July really sucks for most rescues.  While many people are going to cottages and holidays,  I sit by the adoption phone line and try to work some miracles for our cats and foster parents.

I don't like the way I feel. Our local SPCA had a huge adoption blitz and lowered their adoption rates to almost nothing. I think 46 cats and kittens were adopted during that time. My phones didn't ring. I should be THRILLED for the cats that were adopted. Believe me - I really am! They all need a home! But I have volunteers that I have to be accountable to and kittens that are growing up in their foster homes. I can't be the only small rescue that feels competitive and helpless. Fortunately, my friend called me out on it and said, "Beth, look at the last few years adoptions in July...what were they?"

 She was right.  July sucks every year. 

On a happier note, our  Kismet is doing very well!  If you didn't read about her, please click on the link.  It's a very sad story with a great ending:

 She's in a foster home where she's being adored.  Sadly, she'll have to have another surgery to be spayed.  She was so full of infection, that the vet was going to stay cautious and wait.  Good call.

For me?  I have a new foster kitten named "Dunkin':

Typical of me, I'm already in love, and as I type this, he's  sitting on a pad of paper next to my laptop and playing with a pen.  He doesn't leave my side and I'm already beginning to wonder how I'll ever let him go.  But he's a black kitten, so maybe I won't have to.  LOL 

We have some adoptions pending today so I have my fingers crossed.  But then's July and I won't hold my breath.


Tina said...

Beth I can relate to this entire blog post! This summer has been very slow for all the shelters/rescues in our area. We've had a couple waiving the adoption fee and even then they are having trouble finding folks to adopt. I also know the feeling regarding your little foster Dunkin. There was a little kitty at the shelter named Kringle that I avoided fostering. I had just rescued another kitty and had my hands full. Another volunteer decided to foster him but he was afraid of her dogs and would just sit in his room and cry. We gave it a few weeks and nothing changed. So of course I felt I had no choice but to foster him since there were no other options. I looked at Kringle the other day and said "How did you end up in my house?" My husband has grown attached and it looks like he might be staying! I've realized I'm really not in control....some things are just meant to be I!

Random Felines said...

it is hard....the larger groups can reduce their fees and it hurts the smaller groups. sure - adoptions are adoptions, but you still feel like "shouldn't it be us".

Love the new baby - those ears!!!

Caroline said...

Wow there's a non tabby foster in the Turner Tabby House! Great, like the variety, he's very cute! Do you have another permanent black cat? If so David might not notice if he grows up and stays.. just make sure they aren't both in the room at the same time!