Thursday, July 10, 2008

To Our Former Adopters...

This is an open "Thank you" to all of our former adopters. Not our future adopters....but to the folks that have adopted from us. (Although we hope our future adopters can learn from the former adopters!) With all the whining I do in this blog, I figured it was time to make a special note to lovely people who give our cats forever homes...

Thank you....

....for showing up on time when you met our cats and calling us when you were going to be late.

....for staying in touch with our foster families after you bring home the cat. We loved "Fluffy" when he was frightened and flea bitten. You can't imagine how an e-mail or phone call telling us that he's happy makes us feel.

....for sending us a photo album of "Fluffy" in every cute possible pose when we only asked for 1 picture. It makes our hearts soar!

....for making us a friend on Facebook.

....for understanding when we cried when you put Fluffy in the carrier. It's hard letting go sometimes.

....for taking Fluffy to the vets when Fluffy got sick the first week he's home with you and not complaining to us. We didn't know he was sick when he was adopted - really and truly.

....for making BIG exclamations on how "completely sweet..." Fluffy was when you first saw him. (We thought so too!)

....for telling us about all the toys, cat beds, and windows that are in your house.

....for telling us something really cute that Fluffy did when he first arrived in your home.

....for letting us know if Fluffy has passed away. We want to grieve with you too.

A special note to Shiya's adopter: I know there's not much chance you'll see this...but we can't find your phone number and Shiya's foster Mom desperately wants to know how she is. She still cares....

...and always will. It's what we do.

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