Friday, July 04, 2008

Another Glamorous Day in Rescue

Ahhhh....the Glamour of Rescue! Today was an administrative day. I spent a glorious 8 hours filing, sending out tax receipts for donations, bookkeeping and updating my e-mail address book. If that wasn't boring enough, the highlight was a trip to Staples to buy some office supplies for the rescue.

I could probably make administrative days much easier on myself, but I really believe in the personal handwritten letter to anyone that sends us money. These days money is too hard to part with, so I really believe it's the right thing to get off my ass and send people a thank you note. Yep..."My Mama done brought me up riiiight."

On a happy note, my foster cat McKinley was adopted last night! He was dropped off by an adopter (I think I wrote about him in my last post) on Canada Day. I was SO HAPPY that he didn't have to stay for very long. He was such a nice boy and he was adopted by the same couple that had adopted my foster cat Magoo!

I'm dealing with URI in the house right now. My foster baby "Carson" had a fever last night and "Eddie" the siamese is sick with it too. My little "Thomas Turner" is now sneezing. I've never had URI run through the whole house, but I'm guessing that's exactly what will happen. I had Carson quarantined for 2 weeks, darnnit. I suppose my next blog post will be something regarding snot. Something to look forward to.

I feel like a mole down in the basement on this beautiful day. But I really have to be mentally prepared for a day of administration and I thought about it all last night. It's the side of rescue that nobody really talks about and nobody wants to know that I do. I wish I were rescuing some cats that needed me instead of doing this.

But alas...with the "House of Snot" going on, maybe being in the basement isn't such a bad place to be.


Social Mange said...

URI can be serious especially if they can't smell their food and stop eating (the joys of syringe feeding a herd of cats), but so long as it's just sneezing and everyone's eating, you're good.

HAHAHAAAAA...I had one cat with such bad URI, I had to clean her nose several times a day, it got plugged with dried ick. And one sweetheart with URI liked to lie on top of my monitor and sneeze on the wall behind it. That looked really nice, I tell you, a classy decorating touch. I couldn't bring myself to pass it off as textured paint *GRIN*, so I washed the wall several times daily.

Anonymous said...

URI sucks! It ran rampant through my house several times..... makes being a foster mom tough with all the furniture scrubbing and wall washing and nose picking.....