Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Kitten Chaos

People ask me all the time why I don't foster kittens. The truth is...I *used* to foster kittens exclusively when I lived in California. I loved when they would come running to me when I walked into the room. It was an instant ego boost - I was loved!! I could turn off the t.v. and just watch them play - all the posturing and experimental Lion-like behaviour. Who can resist?

I contacted one of our foster Moms last night who is fostering a rambunctious orange kitten. An adopter wanted her as an "only cat". The foster Mom's response was this: "I strongly recommend that B--- go to a home with a playful cat friend, or with someone who will play with her a lot *LOL*. She has a hearty appetite and will try to eat your food as well as hers (Greek salad was a big hit), door-dashes, climbs in the stove, frig, dishwasher, races around behind the washing machine, and climbs under the covers with you. She loves her cuddles."

Yah. The Kitten Chaos. Thank you for the reminder! It's like having a 2 year old child on steroids in the house when you have a kitten. Nothing is safe and everything becomes a toy. Gotta love 'em.

Yesterday afternoon I had a litter of 3 kittens at my house for a few hours before I transported them to their foster home. My 20 year old son came downstairs to get me saying, "Oh. My. God. Mom. You should SEE what the kittens did in the bathroom!"
I sighed. I walked into the bathroom to find the shower curtain on the ground. What I didn't see right away - I could smell. (((Insert Psycho Theme music here))) Somebody had used the litterbox, walked through the poop and tracked it all over the bathroom. Tiny kitten poop footprints were on the floor, the wall, the front of the cabinets. How did they manage to get poop on the wall???

When I walked in, the little poopers were sound asleep in their cat was hard to believe they had made such a mess in a matter of a few hours. Now they were blissfully dreaming. Their little bodies entwined together made them look like one kitten.

The moment reminded me of when my kids were little. There were some days I couldn't put them to bed fast enough. I was burned out...fed up...and ready for a "Calgon Moment." But before I'd go to bed, I'd check on them and they'd look so precious. It was easy to forget that they had thrown temper tantrums, wet the bed, spilled cheerios all over the floor.

The foster family that took the little darlings yesterday was thrilled with them. They're fluffy lookin' little angels...angels with horns.

Gotta love 'em :)

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Anonymous said...

*truly laffin' out loud* yep, kittie kaos...two warring on top of the computer monitor, a spectator on the desk, two using my expensive spa shower curtain as a jungle gym (reminds me of military training films - up that wall, soldier!) whilst ignoring the cat jungle gym, a newbie in one arm who's too little for combat...this after refereeing supper so the little ones didn't get pushed out of their bowls by the greeedy adults are on their own with the thugs...need a cocktail. or five.