Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Back To Business

I managed to survive 5 days in Iceland during the winter without seeing any lost cats or dogs!  In  fact, I didn't see ANY cats and only a couple of dogs out for a walk with their guardians.  I'm so sensitive to being in other countries and seeing abandoned street animals, that I've made a mental list of all the countries I can never visit.  Glad Iceland didn't disappoint me!

It was delightful to find out upon my return that the rescue had  SEVENTEEN  adoptions during the 5 days I was away.  Have I mentioned how much I love our volunteers?  We are a well oiled running machine and it's never more apparent than when I'm away.  But I still worry and find myself with mega Roaming Charges on my cell phone as I'm constantly checking email and messages.  Even being in Iceland doesn't keep me from being out of touch.

Every time David would go to the bathroom, I found myself jumping on my phone...feverishly clicking away to check for email.  I get tired of *the look* from him so this seems to work much better.  It's like something out of a 21st Century "I Love Lucy" program.  "LUUUUUUCY....what are you still doing on that computer!?"

I'm happy to report that our Jolly Roger actually has a working eye!  Apparently, this poor guy has had a massive infection in his eye for (at least) 6 months.  His eye is slightly open, but we're unsure how much vision he has.  I'm so grateful to the foster parent for giving him the eye drops - evidently, he's a rather unwilling patient.  Ugh!

Old Man Winter isn't done with us yet, as we're having a huge storm today.  We received an urgent plea for a Mom cat who delivered her 3 kittens outside in this horrific weather.  The finder brought the family inside for a few moments, but her dogs were unwilling to be friendly to this sweet friendly.  My rescue partner Shelley, said "Yes"....what a kind soul she is to take this family:

I love the little "happy feet".  It must be wonderful for her to be inside and warm.  She's obviously a sweet cat and was abandoned.  How could someone do that?  How?  Her name is "Storm".  :)  Can I name the babies "Ice Pellet",  "Snow Drift" and "Power Outage"?  LOL!

Happy to be back and gearing up for an early kitten season.  Hard to believe it's happening after looking outside.  Spring feels like months away.


Sparkle said...

What a precious mom and babies! I am so glad Shelley was there for them.

Random Felines said...

welcome back!! what great adoptions! and glad I put my glass down or water would have come OUT MY NOSE at the power outage idea :)

ttrails said...

What a beautiful little family!! You and your cohort(s) are truly special. Today was horrible and those little babies would have never made it. Kudos to the person with the dogs that tried (and did) save them herself.

T said...

Welcome back. I was wondering if your Return from Iceland blog would be about a cat or a dog you saw there. I have to say, the kittens are precious, and hurray for the person who tried to bring them inside. I like the names, and you know they would get abbreviated to Ice, Snow and Power. :)

Caroline said...

I hear ya when it comes to stray animals and foreign countries, I feel the same like I would have to go from point A to point B with my eyes closed! In Pompei they have a select group of stray dogs that have been neutered and are allowed to wander, they are fed by locals but they could sure use a dose of Revolution! The new Mom is so sweet looking and 3 babies is much more manageable.