Monday, August 12, 2013

End of Summer 'Crazy'

I must have the End-of-Summer burnout.  My rescue partner is feeling the same way.  We spent probably 30 minutes on the phone today prattling back and forth.  I don't think we heard each other - we just vented. 

As the summer comes close to an end, I'm SICK of voicemails that start with....

"I know your message said that you can't help with owner surrenders, but we're moving and..."

"There's a really pregnant cat living under my porch...."

"My cat had 7 kittens.  We found homes for 5 of them and there are two black ones left..."

"Sorry.  No adoptions today at Petsmart...."

"I think raccoons are going after these kittens in my back yard...."

"We're moving..."

"I'm pregnant and can't clean the litterbox..."

"My son has allergies..."

"My husband has allergies..."

"My grandson who visits ONCE A YEAR has allergies....|

"PLEASE help this cat I found outside..."

"He's such a sweet cat...."

"Somebody moved away and left these cats in the house...."

Bah!!  I guess it's nothing new to those who read this blog or are in rescue.  

Our awesome and well organized  Petsmart Volunteer Coordinator contacted me about the adoption event in September and I wanted to cry.  September!  I just need to keep up with our Foster Parent spreadsheet from yesterday!

Our foster parent list has grown exponentially recently.  We have lots of  foster parents who have found kittens, or nursing Moms temporarily giving love, food and shelter to the cats they've found.   Because these wonderful volunteers will probably not be permanent foster parents, they (understandably!) require more care.  I can only hope and pray that our regular foster parents understand why I'm a little slow on the response.  :)

I haven't really resolved the dog fostering or dog adoption situation.  I've always wondered how ANYONE who knows ANYTHING about rescue could EVER adopt a dog through a breeder.  Now I understand.  Adopting or fostering a dog through a rescue is really difficult.  I'm not saying it isn't worth it - I'm sure it is.  But I'm insanely frustrated - maybe it's because it's a frustrating time of year.  But I'm tired of going on dog rescue sites and having them say "FOSTER HOMES DESPERATELY NEEDED" only to find out that I'm either not good enough or they didn't really mean it.

I get a foster application and I'm calling TONIGHT.  I get an adopter calling and I'm calling TONIGHT!  I look for ways to make the adoption - not for ways to turn people down.  Yeah rescue is different.  I get it.   

Yesterday, I put out an  urgent plea  for a sweet VERY pregnant cat left outside:

I received a response from a lovely woman that adopted a Mom cat from the "high kill" shelter two years ago and wants to help this girl have her kittens safely!  I'm over-the-moon and am hoping this mom-to-be hangs in there until we can sort out the details.   (Is it safe to jump for joy yet?)

As rescuers, I think we need to hold on to these victories as long as we can. 

Tomorrow?  I'm going to get my hair cut and roots coloured. ( I wonder how many times I've written THAT in this blog?)  I'm going to tell the young lady that makes me feel aesthetically human again that I don't feel like talking and she'll be happy.  No small talk tomorrow morning!  

Just me and my iPhone.  :)



Deb said...

The kitten and raccoon call would take priority with me. I hope they were able to find some help. It's a terrible time of year for rescues. Deb

Judi said...

I adopted my dog from a cat rescue. (I wanted to make sure I got a dog that got along with cats.) They managed a TNR colony, and when she found them feeding the cats, they gave her some food. When they tried to leave, she chased after them, so they had to help her.

She had been shuffled around through several foster homes before I got her. It was like they didn't know what to do with her. They were sure happy when I took her.

Maybe you can check with cat rescues that get a dog now and then and need help. I'm sure a they would love the help.

Tina said...

Yes Beth we must celebrate each victory. The victories are many times overshadowed by the overwhelming need that still exists but they remind us that we are making a difference. They also motivate us to keep pressing on! Your group does amazing work and don't you forget it :-) Tina

Debbie said...

I understand your frustration on all accounts.
As for adopting a dog , I am on the placement end , I know with the rescue I am with , there aren't enough dogs for the applications that come in(that is a good thing for us, not for adopters)So it does take time. Fostering is another story, I have no idea why they would pass on you. We like to have cats in the home , always good to know how they get along(or don't)
Don't give up Beth , it will all work out in the end !!

Random Felines said...

ugh.... but yeah for the woman willing to help with that mom cat!! July can generally suck the wind out of every rescue I have seen...don't get it but there it is. So you do what you can do and go forward from there....

Shady said...

What about adopting from a shelter? They tend to have more animals that rescues, less stringent adoption rules and do kill those without homes. It may take a few visits to find the dog of your dreams but it would be worth it. My mom adopted her 'puppy' from a kill shelter in rural Ontario. They had 4 dogs at the time and when she walked past his cage, he danced with joy. He's been part of the family long enough to go from middle aged to entering the twilight years but he is such an awesome dog (excellent with the cats he has had to share his house with over the years) and so totally completely loved.

Anonymous said...

Thought you might be interested to know
that Orange was euthanized the day he arrived at Bay Cat.
He had an inoperable tumor. He is on their Memorial Page.

Harpurr's Mom